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    Finally got a few of the larger projects to 'photo readiness'

    That's pretty impressive! I love the pants. And the cape is really beautiful.
  2. bikepartjewelry

    Scaled War Kilt ...

    Very cool!
  3. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Let me know how it works out.
  4. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Yep, 18g 1/4" and 20g 5/32 will work for Dscale. I use it all the time in AA.
  5. bikepartjewelry

    Family of Owls

    There will eventually be a tut. I am working with TRL on it.
  6. bikepartjewelry

    Family of Owls

    Yep, sure am! They are $12 each, unless you want UV reactive rings/scales, then $14. They'll have a ring on top for a chain, but it's not supplied.
  7. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I was going to say the same thing. Or, if I want to use 18g 1/4, I pair it with 20g 5/32.
  8. bikepartjewelry

    Scale Maille Bra Tutorial - Tips for connecting the two pieces??

    Euar, yes they look to be complete cups. The way I build the scale bras may be counter-intuitive...I build 2 cups, then weave them together. I find it easier to do it that way than to build one cup and then build the other one directly off of it. Maybe I'm not understanding your question? Yuki- It's really about looking at how the scales go together and using that to remove the small portion of the inner point of one cup. Once it's removed, sit the 2 cups next to each other again and you will see where you need to do the reattachment. 4 rings/1 scale is the general pattern which will help you see where to add the rings to do the attachment. I hope that helps! Jodey
  9. bikepartjewelry


    *shrugs* The turtles in my area are mostly brown/greenish, so I went with that. That's not to say I won't make another one that is more colorful.
  10. bikepartjewelry

    Maille House Fly

    I think I need to change his eyes to red...but I think he's cute nonetheless.

    © Bike Part Jewelry/Jodey H

  11. bikepartjewelry

    Family of Owls

    AWWW! That is an awesome idea!
  12. bikepartjewelry


    © Bike Part Jewelry/Jodey H

  13. bikepartjewelry

    We got 3 new hermit crabs :)

    I've been looking for a specific species of hermies called Ecuadorian hermits for a few months. The only place I could find them was online, and the shipping would have been super expensive. My kid was over at a friend's house yesterday and I saw their hermies. Lo and behold! They had an Ecuadorian in their tank. So I asked where they got it and we went to the store and bought 3 tiny ones. They are currently in our isolation tank, getting used to good conditions and good/plentiful food. As soon as we got home, one immediately changed into a new shell (out of the painted shell it was in) and another dug down into the substrate to destress. I saw that one scratching around in the coco fiber substrate lastnight. The other 2 have been super active; checking out shells and eating a TON. Here are the 2 I was able to get pics of. They are tiny little guys...I call them "thumb crabs" because they are tiny enough to sit on the top of your thumb.
  14. bikepartjewelry

    Turkish Orbital question

    Can it be made in sheet form? I have a great idea (that would take me a million years to do...), but it requires a sheet. I couldn't find one on MAIL.
  15. Hi. Can you please double check the ring count for 20g 7/64" saw cut stainless? I am questioning it because the ring counts of rings around it are as follows: 20g 9/64" ~530 rings per oz 20g 1/8" ~540 rings per oz --then 20g 7/64" is ~490 rings per oz-- Is it supposed to be 590? 20g 3/32" ~695 rings per oz Thanks!
  16. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    I made one ring of it with the flowers facing out, but haven't had a chance to make the tube form yet.
  17. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    I'm totally in love with the "short round" version...*snort* Indiana Jones, anyone? Top view: Side view:
  18. bikepartjewelry

    Bronze strength question

    I think bronze would be fine. I like 16g 1/4" rings for my bras; but that's personal preference.
  19. bikepartjewelry

    We got 3 new hermit crabs :)

    Oh wow! That is so funny about the crab wearing the toy! Since these little guys are in the isolation tank, there's not much room for toys. In the big tank, with the other 12 crabs, they have lots of places to hide and climb. I'm forever changing it around so they don't get bored. I knew this species was supposed to be quite active day and night (our other species, Purple Pinchers, are mostly nocturnal), but I didn't realize HOW active. I've been watching one of them for over an hour try to get to the top of the tank. So far he's moved shells, fallen into the water dish numerous times and pushed the shell holding the food about 3 inches. Keep in mind, his shell is probably an inch long. Crabs amaze me. They never give up and they are soooo strong. I know you can train crabs to trust you enough to hand feed them; I didn't know they could be affectionate! That sounds so cute.
  20. bikepartjewelry

    We got 3 new hermit crabs :)

    Yep...3-5 shells of varying sizes per crab, and certain species like certain types/shapes of shells. The painted shells came from the store; they are actually bad for the crabs because of the paint and sealants used, so I like for new crabs to get into a natural shell as soon as they will. I throw out the painted shells. Crabs are funny about their shells. They will roll a shell around for 15 minutes, stick their big claw and face into a shell then walk away from it like they were never interested in it in the first place.
  21. bikepartjewelry

    Sweets anyone?

    These days I reach for the 70% Lindt dark chocolate or Ghirardelli Double Chocolate chips if I want something sweet. I eat a Primal diet, so when I bake (mostly for the kids), it's all grain free goodies...I made Chocolate Maple Crunch Banana Muffins and Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Squares yesterday. I found a Chocolate Banana Cream Pie with Bacon recipe that I might make...without the bacon, since the kids will be eating it and they aren't allowed to eat pork. Also found this Chocolate Pots de Creme recipe that I'd like to make (but with real cream instead of coconut milk...kids prefer cream over coco milk). There are lots of other sweets recipes we have, but I don't make a lot of sweets anymore; plus my kids reach for fruit a few times during the day, so I consider that sweets too!
  22. bikepartjewelry

    Sketchy Saskatoonians and their fraud...

    Best convo ever.
  23. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    I've sat here making all the sheets, alternating units, and a flower that I can think of, but I just can't puzzle out a web version of it. I tried making the web when I ended up with the flower, but couldn't see any way to attach another flower unit (basically a unit of 5 of the "cups") so that it stayed in the pattern. I may have to play with larger ARs. Does that tend to happen in web form?
  24. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Love it.
  25. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Awesome idea. When I first read this and looked at the weave, I was thinking that I would need to add a 4th row and roll it that way. I just looked at the alternating sheet weave and realized I can make them both round the short way too. Thanks!