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    Help identify this weave, please?

    So I came up with this as the Sheet Form of this weave. I still haven't decided on a name...I wonder if I can name the sheet form something different than "weave name sheet form."
  2. bikepartjewelry

    Laser engraver ring

    That is AWESOME. To be able to weave a ring into a piece with your business info on it...love it.
  3. bikepartjewelry

    16g 1/4" nickel silver saw cut.

    Damn. That sucks.
  4. bikepartjewelry

    Dragons Back

    cgmaille has lots of tutorials, as does MAIL. Also just google-ing dragonback chain mail might get you what you are looking for. Youtube is a good resource as well.
  5. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Anakhet, is this the weave you were thinking of? http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=1186
  6. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Here are pictures of the weave in all the forms I could come up with that have been included on the weave discussion over on MAIL. Alternating Web (I'm not sure this is what was meant by web, but I went with it anyway) Alternating Units: Singles: Regular Web: Doubled Units (They are my units doubled and definitely related to Hour Glass; I'm calling them Hour Glass +1 and Hour Glass +2 because of the addition of the orbiting rings. I have no idea if there is an actual name; it was just a way for me to identify them)
  7. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Thanks! I posted over on MAIL too...I guess I should submit it as a new weave. I will also try web variations and doubling it. Thanks for the suggestions. Zero- it's pretty stable, not sure how AR sensitive yet. I haven't had much time to play with it, but definitely will this weekend. I have a show tonight. I originally made it with 20g 5/32 and 20g 1/8. The rings used above are 16g 5/16 and 16g 1/4. Tactical - awesome name.
  8. bikepartjewelry

    Help identify this weave, please?

    Thanks! I looked through the database, specifically at Helm variants (because, amazingly enough, that's actually what it is), orbitals, and unit weaves. I found a few things that are similar but nothing exactly the same.
  9. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Pinecone Earrings

    Those are amazing!!! I <3 them.
  10. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Corner

    Not sure this gives you exactly what you are asking for, but: http://corvuschainmaille.ning.com/group/Tutorials/forum/topics/dragonscale-on-the-bias
  11. bikepartjewelry

    Question about pliers

    Some of us don't know how to modify metal...something I guess i need to figure out, or ask my husband about.
  12. bikepartjewelry

    Basket weaves

    Viper basket is a beautiful weave that can be made for men or women. Just depends on material and colors. Though honestly, I've had women come up and buy gigantic steel bracelets that I designed for men...so who knows what one person will think is feminine or masculine!
  13. bikepartjewelry


    That's awesome! I'd like to maille the knees of my kids' jeans...
  14. bikepartjewelry

    Pink Captive Star Pendant

    © Bike Part Jewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  15. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    Interesting idea...http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/style/shoes/chainmail-shoes.asp and http://magento.gost-barefoots.com/?___store=en I wear barefoot shoes, but I don't think maille shoes would be very comfy. These look to be made from maille sheets, like this http://mailletec.com/products/fabric/small-mesh-maille . Anyone know who makes them?
  16. I have a brain ache from making this maille tie knot. Gah!

  17. bikepartjewelry

    Guide on Tumbling

    Thanks guys. What about just putting rings in with no media, or very little (ie, more rings than media)? Will BA or copper or even stainless shine up just by rubbing up against other rings, or does that cause scratches?
  18. bikepartjewelry

    Guide on Tumbling

    I have a vibratory tumbler and crushed walnut...but is there a way to tumble the rings (for shine) without putting a crapload of loose rings in there then having to pick through the media to find them? I do this with my bike parts when I degrease/shine them, but it's a gigantic pain in the arse.
  19. bikepartjewelry

    coyote maille

    18g 5/32" ID dark purple and orange rings in coyote maille weave
  20. bikepartjewelry

    Pink Captive Star Pendant

  21. bikepartjewelry

    Pink Captive Star Pendant

    Funny thing is that this isn't what I bought them for! I just decided I wanted to come up with something new...so I did!
  22. bikepartjewelry

    It pays to go through your storage.

    That clasp is super cool. You should sell them. *hint*
  23. bikepartjewelry


    Does anyone here use a dehydrator? I'm looking for a new one. I have the cheapy WalMart one and I hate it. In fact, I haven't used it in over a year b/c it's a gigantic pain in the ass to use and it doesn't dry evenly. I'm looking for suggestions on one that I can set temperature on...and after that, I don't know that much about other features that would benefit me. I like the idea of slide out trays, and I've read that the ones that blow from the back are better than ones that dry by convection, but aside from that... I want to dry fruits, nuts, jerky...
  24. Just ordered lots of colors and a couple different shapes of spike beads. I can't wait to get them...I know just what I'm going to pair them with. :D

  25. bikepartjewelry

    Announcing exciting new kits for scale flowers!

    Those flowers are gorgeous. I love the way they look with the lasered scales.