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  1. bikepartjewelry

    I went in for 2 bags of 16g 1/4 blue...

    ...and came out with $100 worth of stuff. How often does this happen to you? I really was only going to buy the stuff I needed to make something for a customer... It's like going to Target for 1 pair of socks and coming out with 16. And I know I should feel badly about getting more than I intended, but I just...don't.
  2. bikepartjewelry

    Chain Maille animals and bugs

    Borealis Metal Works has a couple free tutorials over on deviantArt, one for fish and one for ladybug. Once you see how those are built, you can adapt the techniques to other bugs/animals you want to make. Ladybug: http://borealismetalworks.deviantart.com/art/Ladybug-Sculpture-Tutorial-192882052 Fish: http://borealismetalworks.deviantart.com/art/Fish-Key-Ring-Tutorial-192600805 Typically if you google whatever animal you want + chainmail + tutorial, something will pop up.
  3. bikepartjewelry

    I went in for 2 bags of 16g 1/4 blue...

    Mailler justification. I <3 it.
  4. Every time I write a tutorial, I am reminded how much I love sharing my craft.

    1. Eduardo Barron
    2. mimic


      And I love that you love sharing because how else would I learn :D

  5. bikepartjewelry

    Double Row Rondo

    2 rows of Rondo (19g 3/16", 20g 1/8" and 20g 3/32" AA in red, black, white and black ice) connected by a single row of 20g 3/16" BA rings.

    © Bike Part Jewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  6. bikepartjewelry

    Big copper rondo

    Really big Rondo bracelet in 16g 5/16, 1/4 and 3/16" copper. Weighs 4.4oz and is 1.25" wide.

    © Bike Part Jewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  7. bikepartjewelry

    small rondo

    Rondo bracelet in 20g 3/16" copper, 20g 1/8" nickel silver and 20g 3/32" stainless.

    © Bike Part Jewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  8. bikepartjewelry

    Interwoven Choker

    Individual sections of Interwoven woven together to form a choker. Shiny pink, shiny green and black ice.

    © Bike Part Jewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  9. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    LOL. I like a little pain, but foot pain definitely isn't my thing. Now, if I were going shark hunting...
  10. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    Honestly I was so shocked when I saw them (and that they are marketed as "paleo footwear" or some other such nonsense, I never even thought to try a search.
  11. I love what I do! I just got a commission for a men's g-string and a matching tie. <3 maille.

    1. mimic


      okay maybe odd here but love to see the results. Sounds really cool and amazing that a man is that confident to request something. :D

    2. bikepartjewelry


      I shall post the results.

    3. mimic


      Yippie! Happy, silly dance :D

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  12. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    Not sure how much the "cheap" ones are, but I recently bought a pair of five fingers at REI for around $60. My other barefoot shoes were purchased online from places like 6pm.com and ...somewhere else I can't think of. I never pay full price...can't afford it!
  13. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    I couldn't imagine running sprints in them...or jumping...or anything but sitting on a couch and staring at them. It's an interesting idea, though. I'd be more interested in using maille on already made shoes to replace ties and straps, or at least cover them.
  14. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    I never liked toe socks, but the five finger vibram shoes are different. I do like going straight barefoot too...I think more people should. We rely so much on these gigantic soled shoes when our feet our perfectly adapted. My other barefoot shoes are all Merrell brand.
  15. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Barefoot Shoes

    These people sell them http://magento.gost-barefoots.com/?___store=en, just scroll down a bit when you get to the page. I was curious if anyone here knows the person/people who makes them. Do you already wear barefoot shoes? I've worn them for a year and love them. My feet hurt when I wear non-barefoot shoes now. I have numerous pairs...sandals, dressy shoes, 2 pairs of 5 finger shoes...love them all.
  16. bikepartjewelry

    Collar Necklace - Nickel Silver and Swarovski

    This is really beautiful.
  17. bikepartjewelry

    19g 3/16" AA rings are....awesome

    Have you guys used these rings? I LOVE them! I've made Interwoven 4-1 and Dragonback so far. Stellar rings for both weaves. What other weaves have you used them for? I ordered a bunch of them last week and I can't wait to get them!
  18. Feeling stressed today...trying to maille to be unstressed, but it's not working. Probably because I decided to try to make a kippah out of maille and bike parts.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      :( weave yourself a little present - just cuz.
    2. Katlee


      Yeah, I agree with Bernice. I find just doing an 'easy weave' is relaxing and destressing.

  19. Rondo is very pretty...and very ring-y.

  20. bikepartjewelry

    5th grade homeworld ... non-chainmail

    Just from my almost 2 years of experience homeschooling one of my kids (after almost 5 years of public school) and having my other kid currently in public school, homework is useless. Everything my homeschooled kid learns, he learns and practices during our school time. Of course, we use a direct instruction approach for Math and Expressive Writing that both are brilliantly written to constantly use previously learned skills as well as new skills, so he doesn't tend to forget things. But even subjects that don't use the direct instruction are learned and practiced during school. The only homework he may have (and it's very rare that he has any) is if he isn't making an effort during school time to get his work done OR I want him to read or do typing. My public schooled kid has homework every day and he gets sooo stressed about it. He's only 8 (3rd grade), but he still has 30-45min of homework/day.
  21. Playing with dragons...

  22. bikepartjewelry

    Holes in the small scales

    I just opened a new bag of small purple scales to make 5 petaled flowers. I've tried a variety of different rings in the same sizes I usually make the flower with (18g 1/4", 18g 3/16" and 18g 5/32") but I can't get the flower to work. Comparing the new scales to some scales I had in my stock, the hole appears to be a bit lower. Has anyone else had this problem? Will the holes continue to be lower? I also just looked at a new bag of red scales and the hole looks to be lower as well.
  23. bikepartjewelry

    Holes in the small scales

    So I've made the flowers with the 19g 3/16" rings, but they are incredibly loose and floppy. A couple colors of the shiny AA 18g 3/16" rings work, but not all of them.
  24. bikepartjewelry

    Purple vs Lavender

    Hi. Has there been a change in the new purple? It used to be a deep, rich purple, and obviously different from the lavender. Now they seem to be only a couple shades away from each other. And sometimes I can't tell the difference. Is this just a blip, or will the purple continue to be not too different from lavender?
  25. I have been such a cooking fool today and yesterday. Grain free blueberry muffins, zucchini muffins, zucchini pancakes, banana cream cheese pancakes, spicy stuffed peppers and grain free pad thai. :D

    1. mimic


      Yummy. Sounds delicious. I hope it was all good.