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  1. Making more Interwoven...:D

    1. Katlee


      What size are you using, by the way? I did one with 18g 7/32" aluminum, AR of, I think, 4.6. SO beautiful. No color, but still looked good. Tried 19g 3/16" and it isn't nearly as nice, too big of an AR.

  2. bikepartjewelry

    19g 3/16" AA rings are....awesome

    ERMERGERD!! I heart CCC! But I've only been able to make it in 20g (which is just gorgeous, btw). Can't wait til my new rings get here!!! :D
  3. bikepartjewelry

    19g 3/16" AA rings are....awesome

    Seafoam and black dragonback: Seafoam interwoven:
  4. bikepartjewelry

    19g 3/16" AA rings are....awesome

    According to the specs on TRL, they are 1mm. I will post pics later today. What do you find it too weak for?
  5. bikepartjewelry

    19g 3/16" AA rings are....awesome

    I love them. They feel as sturdy as 18g rings to me. I was kind of surprised at how good they feel between the plier jaws, but they are very easy and pleasurable to work with. I use lots of different gauges...all the way down to 22g and up to 12g. I have found AA/BA to be a reliable metal in all gauges, but I understand your hesitance. There are definitely ring gauges/sizes I wouldn't use for a 1-1-1 bracelet, but in the "real" weaves, I've not had a problem with any gauge/size ring. In fact, I routinely use 18g 1/4" and 20g 5/32" for Dragonscale. 20g 3/16" makes beautiful Reverse Tao Flowers. 20g 1/8" makes a gorgeous E4-1 inlay. I use 18g 1/4" for Celtic Visions and the flowers...they definitely have their uses. So you are right...it depends on the weave. It also depends on your audience. I always tell people if they are rough on their jewelry or are likely to get it caught on something that they should buy something in stainless or a heavier gauge aluminum. Most people, though, aren't rough on their jewelry. They can get away with dainty, small gauge items.
  6. bikepartjewelry

    shaggy necklace better photo

    Thanks! Honestly, in the over 3 years I've been using bike parts and AA together, I've not had anyone come back to me and say their scales or rings have gotten scratched. For this piece in particular, it looks like it would move and rub a lot against each other, but it actually doesn't have a huge amount of movement. It moves a teeeeny tiny bit with walking, but otherwise doesn't move unless the person leans forward.
  7. I'm officially in love with Interwoven. Such a pretty weave.

    1. Katlee


      Ah! Ok, sorry, found it... checked MAIL and didn't check CGMaille. :D

    2. calyx


      And it does streeeetch!

    3. j_betts


      I love this weave with colors. Making each side different colors is really neat when you use a tight AR.

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  8. bikepartjewelry

    A glimpse at what TRL is up to in 2013

    I must admit that I LOL'd when I read this.
  9. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale Ring Sizes

    I know there are a few threads on rings to use for dscale...try searching the forum. But in the meantime, here's something from cgmaille: "Dragonscale requires two ring sizes. There are two requirements for choosing ring sizes: The first is that the outer diameter of the small ring must be smaller than the inner diameter of the large ring; the second is the inner diameter of the small ring must be at least 3 times the wire thickness of the large ring. This is so everything can fit with wiggle room. Sizes that I like to work with are 16swg 5/16" & 18swg 3/16", 18swg 7/32" & 20awg 5/32", 20awg 3/16" & 20awg 1/8", and 22awg 1/8" & 24awg 5/64".
  10. bikepartjewelry

    shaggy necklace

    Shaggy bicycle chain plates and shaggy scales combine to make one amazing piece of jewelry. The scales are champagne anodized aluminum, the rings are the same color and material and the chain plates are a dark brownish color. This pic does not do the necklace justice.
  11. bikepartjewelry

    Will they sell the directions?

    Not sure if this is exactly the same, but TRL sells instructions for holiday ornaments. Go here and scroll down til you see it: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=199&cat=Downloadable+Chainmail+Patterns+%2B+Instructions
  12. bikepartjewelry

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    I post a lot of my work on deviantART. And sometimes I get the f*cking dumbest comments. Recently, on the thong I made, I got a comment about camel toe, metal and pain. Do people THINK before they release the idiotic asinine stupidity from their brains? Do they look around the internet to see that yes, indeed, maille thongs are fairly common? And that if they are well made, quality maille with even the tiniest bit of thought to the design that they are less likely to pinch; and that GASP! they may even be comfortable? I don't even mind negative comments on my work, save that they are made with respect and that the person has a sense of what they are talking about. I love it when someone leaves a well thought out comment about my work. It makes me think about what I can do better. I usually don't let these things bother me or I even get a little laugh from them, but today it just pissed me off. I mean I get the the requisite "isn't it cold" comments on just about every piece of clothing I do, but those don't bother me. This comment was an assumption with little thought...and it really got under my skin. Grrr. When I leave comments on deviations (or on threads here on the Forum), I THINK about what I want to say about the art. If i have a question, I ask it like an adult. If I have a comment I try my hardest to leave it with respect and not sarcasm or meanness. But really? Camel toe? WTF? /vent
  13. bikepartjewelry

    Are EPDM rings safe to chew on?

    I realize that is a bit of an odd question, so I shall explain! One of my kids likes to chew on things (like clothing, seat belt, blankets) when he needs sensory input or is feeling anxious. I would like to give him something appropriate to chew on, so I'm thinking a cool necklace made from cotton/jute ribbon (trim) and EPDM rings. It's not something that will be chewed on constantly, but rather only when he needs to. Would the EPDM rings be safe? I know they are latex free...but I don't know what else I should be looking for to determine if they are safe for chewing or not. If they aren't safe, I'll just end up making him a cotton necklace with knots in it. Thanks!
  14. bikepartjewelry

    EPDM Rings - food grade?

    Hiya! Are the epdm rings food grade epdm? (I've been asked to make some chewable necklaces for kids with special needs, but I want to make extra sure that chewing on these rings will not pose any health risks). Do you have a materials safety sheet link? I've looked around, but I'm not sure which exactly matches what you sell. Lorenzo linked me to a safety sheet a while back, but the link no longer works. Thanks for the help! Jodey
  15. bikepartjewelry

    Are EPDM rings safe to chew on?

    Did you end up making one? I made my son a couple. I know they didn't taste good to start out with, but after the initial taste, he was fine chewing on them.
  16. I'm having a great time making whirlybird pendants.

  17. bikepartjewelry

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    Memorizing the weaves or the name abbreviations? Either way, keep doing them and saying them and you'll memorize them. I'll be honest, there are times when, even if I've done a weave a thousand times, I will forget how to start it or some little step of it, so I consult my library of weave tutorials.
  18. bikepartjewelry

    Chainmaille Newbie, looking for suggestions

    AA, every color in: 16g 3/8, 5/16, 1/4 18g 1/4, 3/16, 5/32 20g 5/32, 1/8, 3/32 (where available) BA: 20g thru 14g, saw cut, whatever TRL offers, a few sizes in 12g CU, BR, BZ: 18g, all sizes offered, 16g 5/16, 1/4, 7/32, 3/16; 20g various sizes but lots of tiny ones, 22g a few sizes Ti: 18g 3/16 and 5/32 in a few colors, 20g 1/8 in a few colors Ni: not much cuz it's hella $$$ Stainless: mostly 18g, but I don't work much in stainless Rubber: 16g 1/4 in all colors offered, 18g 3/16 in many colors, 16g 5/16 in a few colors small scales in every color available, copper, bronze, a few sterling; large scales in every color available You can make Persian Dragonscale in 18g 3/16" if you have the newer shiny finish AA (the matte finish rings will work too, but it's difficult). HP3-1, E4-1, E4-1 diagonal, horizontal, circle; mix your weaves...E4-1 with HP3-1 edging...there are tons of things you can do with the rings you have. More sizes are fun, too! I learned a lot from cgmaille, a bit from MAIL, some from Maillers Worldwide and YouTube. I also have found random tutorials on the web, on dA, etc.
  19. bikepartjewelry

    Scale Maille Bra?

    the bigger the breast, the more potential contractions...so I'm told.
  20. bikepartjewelry

    Copper parts

    What kind of feedback are you looking for?
  21. bikepartjewelry

    IS the customer always right?

    Could you show them what will happen? Depending on what size rings you're using, it's pretty easy to pull apart a jump ring with your hands (unless it's stainless, of course). But maybe a visual would help them understand why you want to use split rings...unless they won't be wearing them very often. Or maybe compromise and use split rings where there is the largest amount of pull and pressure on the shirt and butted rings everywhere else. I've not made a shirt before, so I may be mis-speaking. Failing that, yes, you should put it in writing and have them sign something, or at least get a response from them via email that they understand what may happen if they don't listen to you re: split rings, costs involved for fixing, etc.
  22. bikepartjewelry

    Touching up rings and scales

    For most things I'd agree with Zero; however, if you have an "oh sh!t" moment and see a ring that isn't easily replaceable, try a similar colored sharpie. In a severe pinch, they can work. When I say easily replaceable, I mean one that I can't replace without marring the rings around it.
  23. bikepartjewelry

    List of 2 Months of New Stuff

    It'd totally buy micro scales too. So many applications.
  24. bikepartjewelry

    starting out in Chain maille, really experienced craftsperson

    Ooohhhhh....premade like machine made strips? I was thinking handmade strips that you assemble into something you had in mind. My bad.
  25. bikepartjewelry

    Question about "sold by weight" and approximations

    I just grabbed a new bag of blue anodized aluminum large scales out of my stock. It weighed 4.2 oz and there were 101 scales in the bag, with only 1 hole punch. Had another bag of mirror finish large scales (they come with the blue plastic coating on one side). Bag weighed 4.0 oz and there were also 101 scales in this bag. There were 11 punches plus one little round one in the bag. I don't have large scales in any other material, so I can't measure for ya. But if that information helps, then great!