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  1. I bought 2 pairs of the new Tronex pliers and got them a couple days ago. I never thought I'd leave my Lindstroms as my every day pliers, but I'm seriously considering it. The Tronex pliers are awesome.


    I don't usually do a lot in stainless, but so far with these new pliers I've made 2 bracelets in 16g stainless. Also, I'm working on scale epaulettes (with stainless rings) for an order and using the Tronex pliers for that.


    I think what I really like about them is the jaw (which, coincidentally, is the reason I love my Lindstroms - as well as the spring in them). It's wide, but not obnoxious; but specifically they have a "low profile" jaw, so it's really thin at the tips. That's something I've not found in other wide nose pliers I have. The thinness gives the ability to get into some pretty tight places. Big bonus for me is that I can use these with larger rings and avoid the lovely finger gouging that comes with ring slippage. Hasn't happened once, and I've been doing a lot of mailling the past few days.


    Anyway, just thought I'd give my 2 rings on these really nice new pliers. They're worth the investment.


    Has anyone else tried them yet?

  2. Depends on how long it takes you to make one and how much you want for your time. Your question is difficult since we all charge something different for our time.


    It would be materials cost (including your shipping cost) plus your time plus shipping to them. If you aren't sure, go a little high so you have wiggle room if your customer balks at your price. Have a price that you won't go under, though.

  3. Well the good news is Yes, she wants a thong/brazillian style bottom. The bad news is she is a 36 DD with gravity issues she wants the top to help support. I suggested doing the dragon scale if she wanted a full backside. She said it'd be to much.... Thanks for the "giving" materials advice. Rope/metal burn would not be pleasant on the lady parts.


    And will do on the request.

    Pammy, the bras that I make, which are the tutorial that TRL sells, can support very large busted women. In fact, the lady I used for a model in that tutorial was a DD. They should support exactly (if not better and more comfortably) like a regular bra.

  4. The bra looks great!


    The rings were probably 16g 3/8 or so, but I'd probably go with 14g or double the 16g rings, just to make sure they don't pull apart (unless you're using stainless, then prob not an issue).


    ETA: I've used rings as small as 16g 1/4", so it really depends on what width of string/leather/ribbon  you're using to tie it on.

  5. Pammy, bottoms are pretty easy, especially if it's a thong. It's basically a triangle in the front, the thong part and then a little triangle in the back. I've done all metal and combo rubber/metal; I've not had a complaint about hair pulling. The metal warms pretty quickly to body temp, so the cold on the lady parts shouldn't be too much of an issue, or they can take a hair dryer to the piece before putting it on.


    I take EXTRA special care on bottoms to make sure my closures are flush and always use saw cut rings. Also, I do the thong portion in 18g 1/8 saw cut stainless because that's the part that gets the most pulling; something else I do is put a couple links of doubled epdm rings in the thong portion. People stretch and move and we don't want them getting rope burn! ;)


    A bottom with a back is a bit more difficult (at least as I've planned), and something I've been working on a design for since I had someone request one. I have ideas, but I haven't fleshed them out completely yet.


    I know someone here has done a full back bottom, but I think it was in Dragonscale. I looked for the post the other day and couldn't find it, but I found one on deviantArt (not the one I was looking for). I just looked on dA and found a full back bottom that was basically a large triangle. I'm just not sure how fitted that would be. Like I said, I have to play around with the ideas yet.


    ETA: request access to the adult forum and we can answer questions more in detail over there.

  6. Euar, yes they look to be complete cups. The way I build the scale bras may be counter-intuitive...I build 2 cups, then weave them together. I find it easier to do it that way than to build one cup and then build the other one directly off of it. Maybe I'm not understanding your question?


    Yuki- It's really about looking at how the scales go together and using that to remove the small portion of the inner point of one cup. Once it's removed, sit the 2 cups next to each other again and you will see where you need to do the reattachment. 4 rings/1 scale is the general pattern which will help you see where to add the rings to do the attachment.


    I hope that helps! :D


  7. Cool!  I really like the top-down view. Have you tried with the "flowers" facing out? That would give lots of open rings for opportunities to attach things to it (just thinking about sculpture and other uses).

    I made one ring of it with the flowers facing out, but haven't had a chance to make the tube form yet. :D

  8. Oh wow! That is so funny about the crab wearing the toy! Since these little guys are in the isolation tank, there's not much room for toys. In the big tank, with the other 12 crabs, they have lots of places to hide and climb. I'm forever changing it around so they don't get bored.


    I knew this species was supposed to be quite active day and night (our other species, Purple Pinchers, are mostly nocturnal), but I didn't realize HOW active. I've been watching one of them for over an hour try to get to the top of the tank. So far he's moved shells, fallen into the water dish numerous times and pushed the shell holding the food about 3 inches. Keep in mind, his shell is probably an inch long.


    Crabs amaze me. They never give up and they are soooo strong.


    I know you can train crabs to trust you enough to hand feed them; I didn't know they could be affectionate! That sounds so cute. :D

  9. Yep...3-5 shells of varying sizes per crab, and certain species like certain types/shapes of shells. The painted shells came from the store; they are actually bad for the crabs because of the paint and sealants used, so I like for new crabs to get into a natural shell as soon as they will. I throw out the painted shells.


    Crabs are funny about their shells. They will roll a shell around for 15 minutes, stick their big claw and face into a shell then walk away from it like they were never interested in it in the first place.

  10. I've been looking for a specific species of hermies called Ecuadorian hermits for a few months. The only place I could find them was online, and the shipping would have been super expensive. My kid was over at a friend's house yesterday and I saw their hermies. Lo and behold! They had an Ecuadorian in their tank. So I asked where they got it and we went to the store and bought 3 tiny ones. They are currently in our isolation tank, getting used to good conditions and good/plentiful food.


    As soon as we got home, one immediately changed into a new shell (out of the painted shell it was in) and another dug down into the substrate to destress. I saw that one scratching around in the coco fiber substrate lastnight. The other 2 have been super active; checking out shells and eating a TON.


    Here are the 2 I was able to get pics of. They are tiny little guys...I call them "thumb crabs" because they are tiny enough to sit on the top of your thumb. :)