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  1. Are you selling these little guys and if so, how much? I would love to buy one. . .but then again I am a birdie fanatic.

    Yep, sure am! They are $12 each, unless you want UV reactive rings/scales, then $14. They'll have a ring on top for a chain, but it's not supplied.

  2. Interesting choice of colors. I know I would have gone with something a bit brighter. Still it is adorable.

    *shrugs* The turtles in my area are mostly brown/greenish, so I went with that. That's not to say I won't make another one that is more colorful.

  3. Wicked, looks great! Hope you sell a bunch!! One question I've been wondering generally - the AA coating is hard enough for scratch free contact with steel?

    :D Thanks!


    Honestly, in the over 3 years I've been using bike parts and AA together, I've not had anyone come back to me and say their scales or rings have gotten scratched. For this piece in particular, it looks like it would move and rub a lot against each other, but it actually doesn't have a huge amount of movement. It moves a teeeeny tiny bit with walking, but otherwise doesn't move unless the person leans forward.

  4. Woah! Those are some damn shiny scales! Are they TRL? The colours look really different

    Beautiful earrings! I've gotta learn how to make scalemaille

    I'd bet they are from blue buddha...they are also anodized on the sides, where TRLs aren't. They are also quite expensive (in my opinion).

  5. Bra side 2


    very nice job of fitting. I would be tempted to remove a tringular secton near the shoulder, but it's hard to tell in these photos. Does it fold or impinge movement near the shoulder at all?

    Nope, it stays flat and the model loves the way it comes up!

  6. What are those silverr conectors? I want to try em!

    They are why my business is called Bike Part Jewelry! :) They are recycled bicycle chain plates...most of my jewelry (with the exception of the line I just started called Sans Velo) has recycled bicycle parts somewhere in or on it.

  7. I love the design, the rainbow looks great. any chance of seeing what the back looks like?

    Thank you! I will endeavor to get some photos of the backs. It's difficult because the torsos are just shells, so no "real" back...so it looks kind of ugly. But I'll figure out something and post the back. :D