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  1. *sadness* My right hand's plier broke tonight. Can't be fixed. :(

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    2. bikepartjewelry


      Yeah, I saw that lavender JPL ring on dA. What size rings? I just did JPL3 for the thong I finished in 18g 1/8" BA. God I hate JPL. It's stupid easy, but it always takes me forever to weave. *sigh*

    3. Zeroignite


      20ga 3/32. Funny, JPL intimidated me but one I started I said to myself "wow, this is one of the easiest weaves yet."

    4. bikepartjewelry


      Do you hate your eyes or something? :P I have a love/hate relationship with tiny rings...I LOVE the way the finished product looks and feels, but damn I hate the way it makes my eyeballs feel to weave that small. TG for my reading glasses. :D