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    anything metal, wood, glass or stone... no plastic though, it's cheap and stupid.
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    cost of scales (URGENT!!!)

    oh well, thanks.
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    cost of scales (URGENT!!!)

    i went to the scale section of the website and the cost for scales is really unclear. i saw the vest kits and the 1000 scale packages and those had solid prices but i don't understand the cost system for just buying scales by themselves. it says cost/thousand and for the nickel plated mild steel ones it says $18.00 under the cost/thousand. does this mean that 1000 nickel steel scales is only 18 bucks? the mix and match thing doesn't make any sense either. for example $100US+ save 10% US$16.20 do 1000 rings cost 100 dollars or 16.20... or is it $116.20? all i want to do is order maybe 300 or so for the cheapest they'll sell me them for but i have no idea how much that will cost or how to even order just 300 instead of 1000. it would be great if someone could tell me how much they cost by the hundred/thousand and how to order them by the hundred. any help from anyone who knows what they're talking about would be great (especially from someone from where ever they manufacture and ship would be best). i'm wondering about the costs for the nickel plated mild steel, galvanized steel, and mild steel specifically.
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    Byzantine segment

    wow... how do you do it???