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  1. Studio Castile


    Been almost a year on the 16g. ETA??
  2. Studio Castile

    Will 14g AA make a stable JPL?

    (Not sure if this is the right board to post this.) I'm trying to find a very chunky size for doing JPL in with colors and was wondering if TRL's Anodized Aluminum 14ga 1/4" ID makes a stable JPL? Its listed as an AR of 3.2 which I know is about the weave's upper limit, but AA can also be slightly different sizes based on what color you are looking at. Specifically, I want to make some Mardi Gras chains in purple, green and gold. Has anyone made JPL in 14g AA? How did it come out?
  3. Studio Castile

    Newbie questions

    I'll keep that in mind, though that sounds far more tiresome on my arm than an hour or two of tumbling.
  4. Studio Castile

    What do you call your designs?

    An interesting thought, comparing it to the fashion industry. I suppose for high-end artisan jewelry though, that is entirely appropriate.
  5. Wondering what to call the new weaves I come up with.

  6. Studio Castile

    Newbie questions

    I find I only need to tumble rings for a few materials/sizes if the cuts have burs. (For instance my 19g 7/32" stainless has burs, but the 18g doesn't) It is still not necessary but it does clean up that issue. Even then you aren't trying to change the finish. You can also tumble all the copper/brass/bronze when it tarnishes or to buff up the finish if a chemical cleaner was over used and etched it.
  7. Studio Castile

    4-1HP needed for chain maille 11 inch/28 cm: NEED HELP

    It would be easier to weave it with gold/silver plated rings than try to plate the item afterward. Fill would be even better. Both are generally over jeweler's brass. Half Persian 4-1 is not a difficult weave though. I imagine nearly everyone on these forums can produce the item.
  8. Studio Castile

    What do you call your designs?

    I sell a wide variety of weaves, some of which are of my own invention/innovation. What do you call these things to make them memorable and interesting? Especially when its established weaves with boring names, i.e. box chain, half persian 3-1, etc.? And what about your own unique designs, maybe incorporating other components?
  9. Studio Castile

    New Orleans

    Any maillers in the New Orleans area? I'd love to meet fellow artists, especially maillers.
  10. Studio Castile

    HP3-1 Rant

    I almost always weave my hp on a string/wire. It just goes faster, for me, even more so than the speed weaving method. I've always found hp weaves though are something you just have to practice with until you can really see what the weave is doing and understand it. At that point it is far less of a headache to see what is wrong or right.
  11. Studio Castile

    New User Thread

    Not so new to chainmail or TRL but new to these forums. Hi everyone! I got started chainmailing a few years ago but burned out on it quickly pushing myself into micro-maille. I picked this back up again last spring and have been very active.
  12. Studio Castile

    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Titanium Sample packs are listed as out-of-stock. ETA?
  13. Studio Castile

    Take your armor to the beach?

    If you add a lining, soak the whole thing in water and put it on, or wear it in the shower. You want to make sure the extra weight wont pull it off.
  14. Studio Castile

    Which weaves are strong?

    The names may not be too standard but knowing what is already out there keeps you from reinventing the wheel and gives you something to learn from.
  15. Studio Castile

    Which weaves are strong?

    What you are talking about is roundmaille. It is the 6 sided progression of box (You guys really should do at least a little reading on your hobby). Being 6 sided you are right, making a connection off the end can be annoying. What you can do though is use box which gives you an easy symmetrical end to connect off of. There is also as yet un-named higher progressions as well. I just made a bracelet of e4-1 in an 8 sided tube. It is very flexible, can take a very low AR, (E4-1 minimum is about 3.2) and ends with a bilaterally symmetrical set of rings. You can contract it down from 8 sides down to 4 for box, or connect to it directly. The main thing I think you will find with this project is that a split ring to make any sensitive connection will save you major headaches. After that, weaves with a clear grain that doesn't alternate down the rope, EDIT: (so use box weave over byz) will keep weight more even, and making sure all rings interact in the same way along the whole chain, (so use HP4-1 over HP3-1). Those things will help. It should go without saying that metal choice will probably be a bigger influence though. Bronze over copper, steel over bronze, know the temper, dont use aluminum, etc.