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  1. RooRocz

    International Necklace

    Oooh, pretty! I thought at first glance it was blue titanium, but then I read the stats. It's probably even prettier in real life. Joanne Just up the road, so I guess I don't add much to the conversation.
  2. RooRocz

    Looking for inverted roundmaille center pendant

    Well, it's definitely the one that went with the "Nexus" post. I have a printout of it in my idea binder. Joanne
  3. RooRocz

    Armour for my son's Halloween Costume

    Let me get this straight: inlay, scale maille AND circular weaving for your first armor project?!!! Even for child-sized armor (and he's adorable) that's amazing. You rock! Joanne My mom made me a fairy princess costume one year, but she got fed up after beading the first star.
  4. RooRocz

    Fun picture

    This is a case of being in the right place at the right time:
  5. RooRocz

    You might be a mailler if...

    YMBAMI: Instead of the usual tears and swearing, you actually hail the advent of your child's school science fair this year as it's the perfect excuse to order one of those anodizers and a lot of titanium rings.
  6. RooRocz

    Anyone else get antsy?

    Always. And then at last the big day arrives, the package is ripped open and there's always at least one item that I know I ordered but can't for the life of me remember why. Joanne
  7. RooRocz

    New Scalemaille Top for Myself

    Temps in the 90s and high humidity are not my personal idea of gorgeous weather , but that top is fab! Joanne
  8. RooRocz

    Looking for inverted roundmaille center pendant

    I think the thread you're thinking of is here: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=25608&highlight=Nexus It set me off on an absolute orgy of inverted round! Unfortunately, the pics are gone and the website seems to have gone the way of all flesh, but I really like Dinelen's necklaces! Joanne
  9. RooRocz

    beginner question about AA

    Welcome to the addiction. I agree with the people who recommend Tool Magic. I use it all the time when working with my teenier pliers and rings, especially if the rings are something that's easily damaged. That said, for the size rings you're using, you might want to switch to some pliers with a little bit more surface area than needlenose. The old reliable TRL pliers may seem like they'd be a bit awkward, but they're a great size for working with "larger" rings (and yes, if you're into making jewelry, 18 ga. 3/16 will quickly seem like a larger size ring). Joanne
  10. RooRocz

    Attention, Douglas Adams Fans

    Oh, great. Just what I need: another reason for the older kid to skip scouts. Thanks for posting this!