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  1. Bradys71

    Ren fair etiquette? (Re: exclusives)

    Andra, which Fairs are you going to? I have yet to see too many maillers here in CT, though we only go to the fall fair in Hebron, where there are 2 booths with mail.
  2. Bradys71

    Vest w/Inlay Commission; what size rings?

    Als you will want to go with high contrasting colors in an open weave to see the inlays.
  3. Okay so I screwed up. I thought I hand enough for a commision, but didn't and TRL is out as well so if anyone has some (300 16g 5/16th Purple EPDM rings) please let me know. Thanks in advance Brady
  4. Bradys71

    Clasp suggestion?

    Buy a short length of 16 G BA wire and make your own that won't tarnish. I am getting away from lobster clasps and going to handmade "S" type clasps (Unless its stainless, can't seem the bend the stainless to my liking yet)
  5. Bradys71

    Ring selection question

    You could do HP 4-1 it makes a nice necklace, but if you want fine and dainty I would do a 20G 3/32 JPL chain. Or if you want to stick with HP 3-1 I would do a bigger AR to make it more "airy"
  6. Bradys71

    WTB: 16g 5/16" Blue EPDM

    Bill, O-rings west may do colors... I know when I was searching I came across one site that did some standard colors in EPDM and I thought they were in Washington state.... If I have time tomorrow morning I will look again.
  7. Bradys71

    Who have you inspired?

    So I have inspired my Dad to start mailing! He wanted to do leather work (he ritires this June) but didn't like the expense to start. I told him I was mailing and he then asked me to get him some rings. Now we talk about weaves and jewelry all the time! I never thought I would be talking to my dad about jewelry making . I also am teaching my son (6) to mail. He made his mother a simle bracelet for mothers day.
  8. Bradys71

    Where else can you get O-rings?

    Granger sells them in bulk, and MSC sells them in packs of 100. You are looking for size 11 epdm rings.
  9. Bradys71

    1/4 hard or 3/4 hard stainless wire

    gah sorry, was trying to finish the post before heading to lunch.... okay so I am looking to buy 16 g and 18 g stainless wire (from TRL) for making small runs of rings for jewelry and for making "S" type clasps. Durability just needs to be want the public would consider as durable for a stainless bracelet/necklace. I will be hand coiling (with small mandrels on a drill) and hand cutting (still deciding on a tool). Just didn't want anything too soft that it defeats the purpose and don't want another batch of spring steel....
  10. So I am wanting som stainless wire to make special sized rings (first time) and clasps, do I want 1/4 or 3/4 hard wire?
  11. Bradys71

    WTB: Mis-colored Anodized Rings

    Bill, just to clarify, do you want the ones that are just a paler shade of the intended color (all the same color on the ring) or do you want rings with missing patches of color? I can start holding some aside, just need to know which ones you want.
  12. Bradys71

    Inventory transport

    Thanks for the fast reply! I don't have the inventory you do yet Bill But I do like the idea of smaller plastic bins inside of larger plastic totes.... Hmmmm off to Wallyworld (shudder) I go
  13. Bradys71

    Inventory transport

    Okay I have a very nice system (atleast I think so) for my rings and its highly portable. But I don't think my gallon plastic bags are the thing to use to carry my pieces to shows (not very professional (sp?)). What are some ideas for inventory transport to shows? Thanks in advance.
  14. Bradys71

    New Colors of Anodized Aluminum

    Gah I just recieved a huge order....hmmmmm hopefully my april shows go well enough that I need to put in another order soon .
  15. woot just coilled and cut my first rings (20 awg, 7/32 mandrel well drillbit) did 430 rings wish my cutters were better but oh well bring on the Morrish Rose!