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  1. Nearoth

    Delft Blue Pendant and Chain

    The complete commissioned chain. Chain is 925 silver 46cm Turkish Round, 0,81mm wire and 4mm ID (mandrel size). Setting around the pendant is 925 silver 9,5cm Hoodoo glued (with 2 part epoxy) onto the silver setting, 0,81mm wire and 2,4mm ID (mandrel size). Also made the loop that goes around the chain from 0,6mm 925 silver. It's very open to show off the chain. The pendant is hand painted ceramic delft.
  2. Nearoth

    Owl inlay

    A small Owl Euro 4-1 inlay made with Silvered Enameled Copper 20ga 7/64". Colors; Black(66x), Brown(782x), Gold(238x), Gun Metal(145x), Lemon(24x), Non Tarnish Silver(622x), Tangerine(16x) and White(268x) for a total of 2137. It took about 15 hours of work. Got the rings from TRL and they worked great, but the white seemed not to be enameled but covered with plastic. Made the hook with brass and silver wire twisted together. Measures about 11cm wide and 13cm high (without hook).
  3. Nearoth

    Silver JPL Necklace With Pendant

    A 925 silver Jens Pind necklace with a Hoodoo pendant around a Delft Blue tulip bead. This is the first time I made Hoodoo. Both made with 0,81mm wire and 2,54mm ID. I couldn't get the Hoodoo connected so had to improvise, it also kept twisting off the bead. Reinforced it with some glue.
  4. Nearoth

    Manly But Not Heavy

    Stainless steel Hilt Chain. I made this one for myself. The chain is fairly thick but the weave is open and light. I used a bigger AR than my last chain to make it more flexible and light. 1mm wire, 6,75mm measured ID. I finished it using a triplechain clasp.
  5. Nearoth

    New User Thread

    Thanks. We've met a couple of times. Didn't know you were on here. When I said "the rest I get from TRL" I meant from TQR. Will take a while I guess before I can post some pictures on here. I'm just going to roam the forum for a while.