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  1. Hello, thanks for the nice words.


  2. Grumpella

    Tumbling media for copper and sterling silver

    It would help if I id'd the tumbler type, wouldn't it? That's what I get for posting with a pounding headache. It's the Model T rotary tumbler sold by the fine folken of TRL. And thanks to all for your responses, I find it is often best to pick the brains of as many people as possible. Legba3, if you are who I think you are, then I've done much admiring of the weaves you've posted on Mail Artisans, and had a lot of fun trying to recreate some of them.
  3. Grumpella

    Tumbling media for copper and sterling silver

    A friend of mine, who has as much experience with this as I have (i.e. none), is quite insistent on several points : we would need to pre-prepare the walnut shell media so it doesn't have sharp edges by tumbling it for a solid week or it would score up the sterling silver, we would HAVE to use a finishing/polishing compound with the walnut media as on its own it won't polish worth a darn, and the stainless steel ball shot I got from TRL will also need to be tumbled for a week or more to wear off the sharp edges (his example being the smoother ball shot offered by Rio Grande "where all of the PROFESSIONALS shop" (his emphasis, I think he's being a silly snob)). I've read and read entries here regarding tumbling media and not a word have I found about needing to prep the walnut shells nor about HAVING to add a polishing compound. I can see the sense in prepping the shot, and also not. I keep telling him to read this forum, it isn't a bunch of twiddly ding-a-lings but, in fact, a number of professionals who make and sell their wares, but his father is a metal-smith of some sort (never done chain maille or even jump rings, but he does work with silver, so I don't doubt he knows a thing or two), so he takes his father's every word as gospel. I'm thinking no one knows everything and I'm getting annoyed with my friend (can ya tell?). So, please, all of you weathered and experienced maillers, shine your knowledge upon me. From step one, what do I need to do (aside from bopping a certain someone upside the head the next time he gets his hoity-toity voice)?
  4. Grumpella

    Tumbling media for copper and sterling silver

    Thanks for the verification, TwilightBanana! (Nice name, too.) Call this part two of my question. Now I'm being told, by someone who knows someone who does metalworking (but not chain maille) that the tumbling media will need to be "broken in" first, tumbling it for up to two weeks. Any comments, suggestions, verifications, recommendations, etc. much appreciated!
  5. I've gotten dizzy trying to sort through all of the info on the forum, so I'll just post my question and see what happens, any and all replies will be much appreciated. I need more info about tumbling media to use for copper and for sterling silver, especially for deburring, as I'll be making my own rings. I've seen many recommendations for using steel shot for copper rings, but I'm worried about marking/scratching the rings up. And what would be gentle enough for deburring sterling silver without scratching up the rings?