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  1. HoshiAdam

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    It was a while back, but I could have sworn that some member (studiokensai?) posted images of some scales and assembled pieces. Aha! An update from Daniel Slone: http://www.flatbow.com/shanwenkia/ Adam
  2. HoshiAdam

    Canada & US 2008 fall madness

    Don't forget the simultaneous destruction of every threat (present and future) to his empire in the entire universe. That's just got style.
  3. HoshiAdam

    gah. water + cell= bad

    I've baked cell phones that got the coffee treatment before. Set an oven on 'warm', let it heat up, then turn it off and set the phone inside (WITHOUT BATTERIES!). Speeds up the drying process. hoshiadam
  4. HoshiAdam

    Anyone else color blind?

    I have heard there is a small percentage of women who can see in 4 primary colors. I know, that doesn't make sense from a color wheel point of view, but they have 4 different cones instead of 3. Lemmee see if I can dig up a link: News article on tetrachromacy And here's the wiki article on Tetrachromacy. hoshiadam