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    chainmail armor

About Me

We are in reproduction of  chainmaille body armour and accessories reproductions that are designed to meet standards and specifications. The products are not only for the display/gift as well as fully functional items of medieval weapon like chainmail hauberk, skirt, mantle, coif, wedge, body armors, from a specific time/century during the european medieval era down by century etc. Are being developed by us.
Since the large group of people throughout the world are enthusiastic to keep memory of ancient era armory as the gift or decorative items. As antique armory has its own enthusiasm and the replica of the same is used widely in movies to provide a real look. We are making our best efforts to make replicas historically accurate for new or experienced users and collectors. Ancient empires art, gifts, and collectibles inspired by the past civilizations of ancient egypt, rome, greece & medieval era.