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  1. calisandra

    Tags - all materials and sizes

    Are you planning to restock the anodized aluminum earring cards?
  2. calisandra

    Scales - all materials and sizes

  3. calisandra

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Are the other colors of medium scales coming soon too?
  4. calisandra

    Large AA scales with a bad smell

    I wipe them off before I start weaving, it is easier to do before they are put together. found the lemon scented disinfecting wipes work well but my husband will actually wash them in hot water and Dawn( or whatever dishsoap I bought this week)when he gets in bulk bags for his laser etching
  5. calisandra


    watermark on picture😁
  6. calisandra

    extra large and large flower comparison

    I have done the large on clips and combs but the extra large are too big and I haven't found a large enough clip yet
  7. calisandra


    The are extralarge scales
  8. calisandra


    thank you