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    thank you
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    © 2019 Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

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    © 2019 Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

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    © 2019 Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

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    seeking tutorials on chain mail clothing!!!

    I probablyget more than I need but as a bare minimum I get around the chest (under the breasts) and another at the widest point of the breasts. from the top of the shoulders to where the cups will start in the front and from the top of the shoulder to where the back strap wraps around. I generally ask for cup size(C,D, GGG...) to get an idea how many contractions and expansions might be needed.
  6. calisandra

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    hi i sent you a message I hope you can get it sicne you haven't very many posts it sometimes restricts what you can do here.
  7. calisandra

    Help with sleeve construction

    for me the added section at what I am assuming is the elbow area confuses me as I have made sleeves and never made it wider at the elbow. it looks to me like ti would just definitely weird bulges there that are unnecessary