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  1. tried it and the answer is no, the AR is too high in 1/4 inch rings
  2. I have worked with the graphite colored ones and so far they have held well. However being painted there is a possibility of them chipping. though the paint on finish on the graphite colored ones does seem stronger then the original white and black painted ones they offered. I think they have a better method now for the painted ones than the very first painted one I got
  3. I thought those were specials?
  4. I have been using the extra large for head Bands mostly
  5. amazing work
  6. © Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

  7. © Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

  8. © Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

  9. 4 sizes of scales from extra large to small, triple layer large flower for size

    © Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

  10. depending on the transitions you use have to graduate the ring sizes too, start with the 5/16 then on the last row of large use the 5/16 inch rings tto attach the first row of medium scales and then on as normal. the picture goes the oposite direction starting with medium to large to extra large
  11. I have used the the black, gray and frost together and yes they will look good together
  12. JPL works nicely too
  13. no problem, they only carry them in the small
  14. they have the scales on the website for sale. not sure if they have all the colors in stock but I don't think I have seen any place else that sells them they are on this page...
  15. I just make the sides longer depending on how long the desired final product needs to be