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  1. Shaun

    What size for this pattern?

    Thanks, I will find out if that is the size he is looking for then get an order put in. he just posted the pic on facebook and tagged me saying he wants that for a wallet chain lol.
  2. What size of rings would work best for this style as a wallet chain?? I have a request from family friend but unsure on size of rings. Also any instruction link be great pretty sure I can figure out by site but just in case.
  3. posted in adult forum as well however it seems pretty dead. If no response here i will maybe have to call in and ask. The instructions are confusing as to starting point of some measurements any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. (using kit/instructions from TRL)
  4. Shaun

    Great orders

    Both orders have shown up exactly as described on site. Very fast service. Greatly appreciate the tour especially on such short notice( under hour and half) made the trip for my surgery well worth while.
  5. Shaun

    titanium clasp with niubium rings?

    Thanks Bernice I put my order off unsure if it be worth ordering the coloured titanium clasps but i did place it anyways. I figured couldnt stand out any worse then a silver coloured clasp lol. have 5 bracelets to be made. one will be a silver with indigo niobium mixed in. hope for her sake it'll work out how we think it will but be interesting none the less lol. I am definately looking forward to my stuff showing up this week or early next as even slow postal is 1 day to here.( I love living close lol) I look forward to many more future orders. I will post pictures when i complete them P.S I love that i can order from a local supplier (3 hours to me is local) and still get great quality product UPDATE: got the bracelets done, and the titanium is a 99% match. p.s thanks for the tour the wife and I enjoyed it very much.
  6. I was wondering if the dark blue/purple titanium clasps would match up well to some of the purples of anodized niubium rings? Just trying get something that isn't going to stand out from the bracelets too much. thanks for the help happy mailling all ~Shaun~
  7. Shaun

    jewelery plier preference

    Right now i just have the chain nose, and was thinking of using something even smaller tip wise for the small 20 gauge tiny rings. thanks for the suggestions
  8. Shaun

    jewelery plier preference

    Half of them was holding to lose in one hand and would slip then id hold too tight.. they not noticeable except under magnifying glass ( old camera lens that enlarges the rings) i find that the wide-nose pliers are a tad wide as well. are the bent nosed pliers tips smaller? I will have to look into that, I was thinking of the narrow nose watch-mans pliers. Any thoughts on those?? All ideas greatly appreciated as it'll give me a better idea on what to order to get it right sooner lol. ~Shaun
  9. Shaun

    jewelery plier preference

    Which kind of pliers do you prefer for working with the smaller jewelery sized rings? I ask because the ones that came with the beginners deluxe kit i scratched more rings then i would have preferred. I am looking at buying some just for jewelery projects now and am curious as to which ones people seem to prefer overall(or combination thereof). Thanks ~Shaun
  10. Thanks, Gives me a way better idea how much ill need to order, and I may be making order sooner then expected as people at her work are wanting some now... just gotta see if it would be worthwhile. funny how i got back into it to make a shirt and looks like i may be doing jewelery instead... but one day i shall have my shirt lmao.
  11. I ordered the Byzantine sterling silver bracelet kit. uses 20g 7/64 with 0.8 mm inside diameter. I was just wondering how many rings are in that kit on average as my wife is now saying she wants one made in different colors and was thinking of using niobium rings but am unsure as to how many i need to order. Any guesstimates would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ~Shaun~
  12. Shaun

    A little shipping story

    I think 3 days is record for that distance maybe they had extra space on expedited or something lol. Postal service here.... Picked up from saskatoon, had in my city that night. was to be given to me that day and it never showed. Since that was a friday i went in on monday to pick it up myself as i had to go out of town. the postal lady said they messed up and gave it to someone else so it went back. was amazed they said was their fault lol. Will def order again. (btw i used cheapest option i live only 2.5 hours away lol)
  13. Shaun

    Very happy

    Got my first order and am very happy. I ordered both he deluxe beginner bright alum. kit, as well as the sterling silver bracelet kit. Am very happy with both. Wife loves her bracelet (have some left over rings plan on making a cellphone charm chain from them). Love how easily the site keeps updated on your order. Will definitely be purchasing through you guys again. Definite bonus is living only 2.5 hours even the slowest postal service is next day delivery. Sincerely, ~Shaun~