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  1. scrapdaddy13

    Scalemaile Vest

    Very cool
  2. scrapdaddy13

    Scalemail holding Chainmail

    Fantastic, especially the scale. Good work!!!
  3. scrapdaddy13

    "Black Spider" Dreamcatcher

    That is absolutely amazing!!! What weave are the two rings?
  4. scrapdaddy13

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I love the look of Roundmaille (or Snake). Its very easy with large rings (14g3/8"). Right now I'm doing it in AA purple/green 18g5/32" for a wedding gift. It is beautiful. The part that REALLY SUCKS is putting the closing ring in. It's hard to get the pliers in to hold it and most of the time the ring slips and I end up scratching it. Good thing they are small rings and the tightness of the weave kind of hides most of it.
  5. scrapdaddy13


    lol, you could call it "The Chugglet"
  6. scrapdaddy13

    Rsz 1imag0008

    That's very cool! Nice work.
  7. scrapdaddy13

    Picture frame

    AA1212 Dark Purple & Green CIR picture frame. 9"X11"
  8. scrapdaddy13

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I am making a box from 12g .228id sxaa ultra low aspect ratio rings in 4-in-1 cube weave. Its fun & looks great but hard to do with such small thick rings. As for shaggy loops not being a weave. I put it up there with the Pluto debate. Is it or is it not a planet? I believe it is. A word of caution. It really hurts when you get your finger between the wire and the mandrel when coiling your own wire, lol. OWWW!!! I did it this morning. 14g galv steel.
  9. scrapdaddy13

    65% Complete

    WOW!!! That is awesome.
  10. scrapdaddy13

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    The triplicates are easy to finish off as long as you make it long enough to go over your head. I have not made one shorter than that yet but it does look like a pain to make it shorter.
  11. scrapdaddy13


    I do love this pic
  12. scrapdaddy13

    Isotropic shirt

    Holy crap that looks cool, very nice work.
  13. scrapdaddy13

    I am Ironman.....

    My son just said that to me. It is a very sweet project, nice work!!!
  14. scrapdaddy13

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    Roundmail/snake looks great with my 16g 3/8 gs rings, its huge but looks cool. I had a guy at a car show 3 weeks ago buy it from me cause he liked it so much. I found that I hate doing scales with the split rings, they suck and are a pain in the butt!!! Still love byz, it just seems to take forever to get anywhere fast with it.
  15. scrapdaddy13

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    Captive inverted roundmail sucks. I love the finished product but making just plain sucks!