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    Maille in the mail (Canada Post)

    Oh, And it is quite pricey for any insured shipping within Canada and to the US.
  2. spitfire

    Maille in the mail (Canada Post)

    Hi, I send a fair amount of chainmaille through the mail both within Canada and internationally. If you want to keep the shipping cheap go to the dollar store and buy 6x9 bubble mailers in packs of 3. They end up being about 35 cents each. The cheapest shipping within canada for the bubble mailler assuming you keep it as flat as you can, it can be sent letter mail for a little over a buck plus tax. No insurance of course. If you are shipping a braclet or a keychain for example the weight would be low enough for lettermail. When shipping the same weight and envelope size to the US choose Light Packet. The cost is usually about 2.48 plus tax. I'm assuming you are not up in the territories. If you put your ietms in little gift boxes you will then have to send small packet to the US and the cost starts at over 5 bucks. These are averag eprices for me an I sell alluminum, sterling and stainless items. So, to keep it cheap stick with bubble envelopes without gift boxes and stick to lettermail and small packet (US) I hope this helps Sabrina
  3. Hey, I'm looking to buy some 3 ring stainless steel tube clasps. I was hoping someone might have a few they would like to part with. Thanks! Sabrina
  4. spitfire

    tumbling anodized niobium

    Hi, Depending on the piece I tend to leave sterling in stainless shot and burnishing compound between 3-5 hours. Would that be too much for anodized niobium Thanks for your help, Spitfire
  5. spitfire

    tumbling anodized niobium

    Hi, I am thinking about mixing anodized niobium with sterling silver to add color. I always tumble my sterling with stainless steel shot. Will this process remove the color from the niobium rings? Thank you! Spitfire
  6. spitfire

    Cheap Sterling anyone?

    I would definitely buy it. I hate the silver colored enameled copper and silver plate is to cheap looking. Sterling is starting to break that bank for me and to make any money I have to mark up the jewelry to the point few will buy it. I would of course still by sterling but filled would be a great option to have. Spitfire
  7. spitfire

    Black Ice wire

    Hey, I love working with Black Ice rings but I really want to add beads etc. and I'm a stickler for matching the wire to the ring color. Will you be offering black ice wire? I'm also looking for stainless steel toggle clasps! Cheers! Spitfre
  8. spitfire

    Jewelry Tumbler

    I should also saying when it comes to tumbling gem stones certain stones shouldn't be tumbled because they are soft. I have tumbled amethyst and onyx with great results, but I wouldn't tumble turquoise etc. Cheers! Spitfire
  9. spitfire

    Jewelry Tumbler

    Hi, I have that lortone tumbler and it is great! I use stainless steel shot and a burnishing compound. I have polished, sterling silver, stainless steel, copper and brass with great results. I have a vibratory tumbler as well and I find it pales in comparison. Withe the rotary I get a bling bling shine on my jewelry. Some people say to use dawn dish liquid and water but I find the burnishing compound great and it is quite cheap. Cheers! Spitfire
  10. spitfire

    Argentium silver

    Hi, Do you plan to start bringing in argentium wire and offering rings? It would be nice to be able to buy argentium rings through you guys. Cheers! Sabrina
  11. Hi, Is your husband using photoshop to edit the photos? If so use the clone brush to remove any unwanted specs of dust from the photos. This tool is a photographers dream! Cheers! Spitfire
  12. You can always photograph the ring separately then merge that photo with the photo of the chain. That way you can use a different light setup or reflectors etc that work best for the ring. I also noticed in the last set of photos the chain now looks overexposed. Take care to bring out the detail in the chain. Just turn the bust on a slight angle. Use the angle that works best for the piece. I really don't think there is any need to include that much of the bust. If you go here you can see some of my jewelry photos. I use a funky style because of the designs I use and the image I want to portray. I want my photos to stand out. Especially on a site light etsy. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Spitfire-Jewelry-Design-Chainmaille-and-Metal-Jewelry/119484741461688 Cheers!
  13. Here is something you can do with the dark cosmic rings. Its an old product photography trick. Cut out a little bright white donut of paper or reflective material a little smaller than the ring. Place it behind the ring and light should bounce off of it and bring out the color. There is also nothing wrong with having some darker areas in a photo to add dimension to the object. There is this tendency to surround the product with white and that is ok but creates boring photos. I spent 2 years studying photography and I've been in business for 5. If you want any pointers let me know. Cheers! Sabrina
  14. Hi, I make my living from photography and in my opinion it is perfectly fine to photograph jewelry not straight on. Lighting is however very important. What kind of lighting setup do you use or are you using natural light. For advertising purposes show a selection of images of each piece from different angles. In the second image the blue ring gets lost in the black bust. You can position little reflector cards just outside the frame to selectively bounce light back onto the crystal ring. Tin foil on cardboard is nice for extra snap and foam core makes great reflectors. There is a color cast on the metal which should be avoided (I'm assuming the metal isn't pinkish). When photographing a product make sure to reproduce the color of the object as faithfully as possible. Perhaps if you provide more info on how you created the photo I can be of further assistance. Cheers! Sabrina
  15. spitfire

    Custome size sterling

    That you Movak for the info! It was very helpful. Cheers!