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  1. Shiz

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Any idea on a restock date for ss20764? Going to need about 25,000. Thanks!
  2. Shiz

    What was used to cut 24g 1/16?

    Thanks, I have had extensive experience with the hard wire cutters, both modified by myself and TRL but they are a bit finicky with 24g. I never got around to trying-out the other ones so I am interested in seeing what they can do. I have had success with a pair of high-end sidecutters from a jewellery supplier. Cheaper ones can't handle the stainless and they end-up mangled. P.S. Been using IGP a lot these past few years!
  3. Hi there, after being informed that 24g 1/16 stainless and Titanium have been discontinued it looks like I'll have to make my own. If I remember correctly, the description for them said they were hand cut with the Xuron premium quality shears. I just wanted to confirm this before I go ahead and get a pair. Thanks!
  4. Since TRL has discontinued 24g 1/16"(probably a looong time ago) of course I have the urge to make some stuff out of them. I'm looking for either Stainless or Titanium. Thanks!
  5. Shiz

    Person behind the maille

    Bahaha, That's pretty funny bro. Here's me. No maille in this pic as I was running an obstacle course at the time:
  6. Shiz

    First finger ring!

    Yay, it works..but I would definitely not trust it to take any punishment unless soldered or welded.
  7. Shiz

    Introducing MailleTec.com

    I was wondering how this was going to work. I saw the site and from what I could see it was being headed by Lorenzo...but I recognized several projects that TRL did, so I was wondering if it was a joint project. In any case, I am super excited and happy to see this becoming more mainstream and to be a viable business option, and I wish the new gang nothing but happiness and success in the new bussiness venture! Shiz
  8. Shiz

    wrapping cabochons

    Agreed with the above. for hp3-1 and 4-1 I always use epoxy on the back. There is the option to use 3/4 persian though! I wrapped a few coins in it a few years back Shiz
  9. KInda an interesting topic because I used to race some rwally fast and techinical singletrack and cross country up here in Canada...and I make maille. It's actually a pretty shiity issue to deal with, Any clear coat will chip off, and plating wears...then chips(I'm a goldsmith, so I've been there...most of it wears off quick) though even faster on chains...like it's not even worth it. Enamels are harder to get rid of but will eventually crack off. Powder coatings can be a really tough coating bercause they are electrostatically applied it's easier to get a thick layer, so they wear better. My serious option to you is to have some molds made of the parts you use on a regular basis and have them cast in sterling. Victoria is a bit of a pain, but I know there are a few casting houses in vancouver. You can walk into them and say "hey,. I've never done this before, but I need rubber molds made of this, and this, and this." they are pretty good to newbies, and when you need more pieces, you can give them your molds and tell them to give you X amount of each. The initial cost of having molds made kinda suck, but they are good for like 20 years, and if you have a friend with a vulcanizer, I will walk you though it instead and it will be much cheaper. You could even mail them to me and I could use them to make a video tutorial for you!(though I'd need a friend with a vulcanizer lol...but that's dioable!)...I bet I could do it in my oven with a bunch of C clamps! The main issue of cast pieces for people not in the "trade" is polishing them, but with pieces of that size, I am almost certain that if you put them in a tumbler they would ciome out with a really good finish. Shiz
  10. Shiz

    centerpiece for collar

    I would have also considered a garnet, but the link for the faceted piece of glass looks pretty awesome, especially for the price range. I vote you got for that. Shiz
  11. Shiz

    Dragonscale Questions

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense. If 3 rows is 3/4 then 4 would be an inch that she is looking for. If you add another row(lets just say 8 rows long is good), that would be 16 more big rings and 16 more small. That would be 56 big and 56 small. I have mine measured at 9 rows instead of 8, so that is where my larger number comes from. it would be your 40, but a row wider for a total of 56 of each, with another row longer at 7 of each per row in that direction for a total of 63. So that settles it, yay! Thanks for confirming that Damnation Angel, now I don't have to make one to figure it out lol. Shiz
  12. Shiz

    Website critique please!

    Looks really good from the few minutes I had to look at it. I like the overall look, it's pretty clean and easy to navigate and the pictures are all very clear. The descriptions are all very well explained as well I just have a few suggestions that are pretty much just cosmetic: -Metric ring size explanations. I know it would suck to add it in for all of them, but a lot of people can visualize things in metric, not in imperial. We both know what they are in metric, and if we aren't sure, we know how to figure it out, but some people are just lazy and won't look it up for themselves. I think it's more of a questuion of how much time will you spend replying to size questions via email versus how much time it will take to modify it. -I like the layout of the pictures in the product gallery, but the page numbers at the bottom of the Clothing and Fabric sections seem a bit cramped. The clothing one looks like an afterthough rather than something that was planned. If it were a bit bigger it may pop a bit more and make people want to click it. -on this page: http://mailletec.com/node/17?page=1 When you click the 2 links(guide and comparison) they both link to the home page -Another issue with the product gallery is when you are in the fabric section and you change the page, the first 4 pictures are the same on each page. If you wanted those to be the same and have the scales and such change, would it be possible to diferentiate them so that people know that they are supposed to be static? That's it for now, but I will look again when I'm not completely exhausted. But as a whole it looks great. Awesome work dude. Shiz
  13. Shiz

    Aloha...again! ;)

    Hey guys, after a pretty long break from the community and maille in general I found myself once again wandering back! So I'm now all done with college(jewellery at George Brown here in Toronto) and am looking for a job in my field with not much luck. I'm still making things and now that I am not a student anymore I don't have access to all the yummy tools and facilities that I had as a student! I am however, slowly figuring it all out and almost have a complete studio up and running now. The only two really important things that I am missing and would love to have are a rolling mill and a polishing station. A polishing station really isn't feasible with my current living situation, but a rolling mill definitely is and oh boy I can't wait. So what have you all been upto? How many of the oldschool maillers are still active on here? I know Lawless Lady and Dave are still kickin, but what about everybody else? Also, I know it's still early but I am thinking of hosting a gathering sometime this summer, and I'm wondering who would be down for that and if I should pursue it or not. Glad to be back! Shiz
  14. Shiz

    WIP: Inlay

    Dude, that's pretty sweet. What's your ring count at so far? (don't worry about the fact that you started in 2010, I started my 3rd shirt in '08 lol and I haven't touched it since '09! Though it is 50k rings in) Shiz
  15. Shiz

    Cleaning Rings

    My usualy way is tumble with soap, then dump into a kitchen strainer and rinse them off nicely with lots of water. Since you don't own a tumbler, just go for a jar and warm soapy water, then dump into a strainer. I'd advise getting a new strainer specifically for this purpose. Most dollar stores carry them. Shiz