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  1. The Afanc

    Dog armor question

    I can't help in the slightest but OMFG I need pictures when you are done.
  2. The Afanc

    Medium Plastic Scales?

    Hey, I am mid project using small plastic scales and I realized that it would look much better if I gradiented it up to medium and then large scales. Any chance we will be getting medium plastics?
  3. The Afanc

    Water safe?

    Okeys folks. This is probably a dumb question. This is probably an obvious question. Are AA scales and rings safe to be underwater for extended periods of time? I recently joined mernetwork and a community of professional and recreational merfolk and boy do they love to accessorize! I want to try marketing my scale gloves and gauntlets and whatnot to the. But only if the materials will have a long life in chlorine pools and ocean salt water. Thanks!!
  4. The Afanc

    The Lightest Metal?

    I have recieved an inquiry; a lady has asked my to make a chainmail shirt for her 4 year old son but I am worried that the materials I use most often (anodized aluminum and galvanized steel) would be WAY to expensive and WAY to heavy for someone so young. What is the lghtest material out there? It probably doesn't have to be fighter grade strenght or durability; he likes to play knights but it is probably foam or wooden swords and I am more concerned with price and weight, especially since he will probably grow out of it fairy quickly. Also, what is the best ring size to use? Should I scale down the ring diameter and gauge sice the shirt will be smaller? Thanks so much!
  5. The Afanc

    First Dragon

    One of my Chinese Dragons!
  6. The Afanc

    Bruce the Dragon

    One of my Chinese Dragons!
  7. The Afanc

    Revenge Inspired Choker

    This item is available at my Etsy shop and was made with a simple 4in1 attatched to a pendant with chain added for flare!
  8. The Afanc

    Revenge Inspired Choker

    This item is available at my Etsy shop and was made with a simple 4in1 attatched to a pendant with chain added for flare!
  9. The Afanc

    Announcing Medium scales!

    Since these were made a special order, is there any way to special order some myself? I am making a HUGE scalemaille project that culd really benefit from havign graduated sizing and I would need them in the standard blue.
  10. The Afanc

    Bulk aa rings

    So it is listed as a kit, not as a bulk order http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=175&cat=Anodized+Aluminum+Jump+Rings+16g It is the very last listing.
  11. The Afanc

    Bulk aa rings

    Ok, I am a tad confused on the bulk AA option. 3500 rings for $37 but it is only available in a variety pack. The listing says that there is no price difference between ordering this bulk pack or ordering individual bags. ut according to my math, the bulk bags are more then $10 cheaper and considdering i need roughly 20k rings, this ends up being a $60 difference. I am just really confused a) on why it says it isnt cheaper and b) why cant i buy one colour of rings in bulk when you sell scales in bulk. Will there be an option in the future to buy rings in bulk that isnt a variety pack?
  12. The Afanc

    Scalemaille won't lie flat

    Oh thank goodness, I have a 3/16 mandril. I can't afford to buy new rings and I was just trying to test with the materials I had so I will try that. Thank you!
  13. The Afanc

    Scalemaille won't lie flat

    I am three rows into the scalemaille bra pattern and already my fabric won't lie flay. When it is on the table, it is 'bubbly' due to rings poking the scales around and when i hold it up and let gravity do it's thing, all of the rings are visable from the front. You can't see any rings in the picture of the finished bra from the pattern. am I just using the wrong size rings? I am also CONSTANTLY adjusting the layering as far as what scales are in front of others. It is getting really annoying to have to do that with every added scale. Is that just part of the process or am I doing something wrong? I am using small scales and 16g 1/4 AA rings. What do I do to fix it?
  14. The Afanc

    Bulk Ring Order

    So I am making, essentially, a full body suit out of scales and rings for an upcoming costume. However there is no bulk order for rings like there is for scales. Would it be possible to get some sort of deal if I was ordering say 40-50k 18g 3/16 blue rings? Buying individual bags would come to about $520 before any mix and match discounts. I am NOT looking to order right now, I am just looking for a quote. Thanks!
  15. The Afanc

    using mandrills

    Ok, I just got my two mandrills in, size .25 and .188 How do I use them XD. Which end (the slot or the solid) goes into the drill? How do I begin the wrapping process?