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    Dog Collar?

    Greetings, A friend of mine would like a chainmail dog collar for his pit bull. Not really sure what would be a good material or anything. Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and well wishes, Jesse
  2. matrain1

    Link Containers?

    Greetings, As my collection of links grows I was curious what everyone else uses to sort their links out. Thank you and well wishes, Jesse
  3. matrain1

    Chainmail Skirt

    Thank you everyone for your help. I will post pictures once I start making it. It seems to me that I can take advice from everyone that has posted in order to make the skirt. Again thank you so very much.
  4. matrain1

    Chainmail Skirt

    Hello, A friend of mine who goes to clubs often has inquired about a short chainmail skirt. I have not made a skirt or any other waist clothing before. I was curious if anyone perhaps has suggestions for me about rings sizes, patterns and also how to secure it around the friends waist so that it does not come off. *The friend will wear shorts under it so small spacing is desired but some visibility is not an issue. Thank you, Jesse C.