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    The dragon scale tie.

    I am curious about the dragonscale ties and would really like to see some additional pictures. Sort of illustrating the difference between the fine and the micromaille versions, as well as how subtle/prominent any color on the inside layer will actually be. Since I guess the image provided by trl is black on the inside? Does anyone have any additional insight (or pictures if you actually made one) on this? Thank you in advance.
  2. Changing to 6-in-1 is what I ended up doing: https://i.imgur.com/Q6NRlmc.jpg Worked great! The picture shows the piece in its most horizontally expanded form. I even have extra room to work with now, which is also great. Just need to fix the edges now that were messed up from the switch. Thank you again. Having never made anything that needed doubling or tripling, I can imagine it having good stiffness, but I don't suppose it would contract the original piece much?
  3. I've started on a project for a book cover, and I would like to discuss ideas for a few things. I currently have a book cover made out of black fabric that will be around to book to protect it from the metal, and then I have the chainmail panels. One for the front, one for the back, and a simple weave that will go up the spine, with a satin ribbon for a bookmark. I need to figure out a way to attach the chainmail to the cloth cover. I figured an easy way would be to sew the outside rings down (that plan will fail marvelously, explained in the next paragraph), possibly onto a separate sheet that I will then attach to the cover somehow. Other ideas are extremely welcome. I realized this would work only if the chainmail was fully expanded / stretched. However to get it to lay as flat as possible, and to have minimal white space between the rings, the sheet will have to be in its most compressed form (see image link below). I can't just sew the edges because then the entire middle will flop out. Even if I sew random rings in the middle, it would have to be nearly every ring to prevent chaos. I was thinking of maybe running fishing line or a strong thread between the horizontal rows to keep the rings down, but I don't know yet how I'll attach that to the cover. Possibly leaving long tails along the edges and braiding them down. I could also get a sort of stretchy band woven vertically that would go around the entire front cover. tl;dr - Are there any ideas for attaching chainmail to cloth? And any ideas for stopping maille from expanding? https://i.imgur.com/gpi2qqm.jpg Thank you all. EDIT: Per Eric's suggestion, I ended up changing the piece to 6-in-1. It worked great, and even gave me extra room to work with now. https://i.imgur.com/Q6NRlmc.jpg
  4. Thanks. I was hoping to figure something out that would allow me to stick with the ring size. The epoxy is a strange idea, but I'll look into it more. That actually might be the fastest. I feel silly for not thinking about that. Thanks - time to experiment!
  5. Fungi

    The dragon scale tie.

    That would be awesome. I ended up getting the micromaille in blue (about a third of the way completed now!), but I would still appreciate seeing the comparisons. Thank you.
  6. Fungi

    The dragon scale tie.

    That was actually very helpful, thank you. For some reason I didn't quite think to do that.
  7. Salutations, I'm embarking on my next project and considering that I am still relatively new, I'd like some assistance with determining what exactly I need. The image attached is my end goal. Now before anyone mentions anything about the scope, let me assure you that I am aware of the time consuming entity it will be. I have successfully made a hauberk (short sleeved, but I did coil and cut the wire on my own [definitely NOT doing it this time, that was a pain!]), and I feel I can do this. This is what I was thinking so far: Aluminum for the rings, I just don't have the funds for titanium (as sexy as it would be) and steel would be far FAR too heavy. The hauberk I made was with steel and I don't think I'd even be able to walk around in this if it was made with anything but aluminum. Ring size: 16 GA 5/16 ID is what I'm leaning toward, but as I mentioned I have no idea. What do you folks suppose would look best considering the picture? And the biggest issue is the amount of rings I'd need. Initially I estimated 30,000 but I figured it'd be smarter to ask the more experienced first before I make the purchase. And that brings me here asking for the wisdom of of you awesome people. I'll happily take any tips or tricks or general advice on completing this. I'm still figuring out how I'll attach the overlapping layers, and how to make the sleeves (Since I know I can't make anything as skin-conforming as it is in the image) among other things. Also, if anyone has any experience with leather I'll take some tips gladly, but at the moment I will be focusing on the chain mail alone, and after I have that complete I'll start studying leather techniques. Thank you all ahead of time!
  8. Regarding the rubber rings you mentioned, I will have to play with those. I've read about them and the stretch they offer and it was interesting. I don't think I'll use them here though, I'd like to try to keep the color consistent throughout the piece. As for the leather work, that's an awesome link, and I'll definitely be stalking the leather guy. Thanks for that. Yeah, I was considering making the layers waist area a removable attachment. Wasn't even considering the weight it'd take off the rest though, thanks for the perspective slap. I think I will go with your size suggestion and make it smaller. More time isn't a concern, but the awesomeness of the smoothness it will get will be amazing, I agree. And good point with the stainless steel, I wouldn't have even thought of it. By 1 row, do you mean a single ring row, or the constructed row consisting of 3 rings in width? Also in your years of planning (great for me I guess, I can basically steal all of your schematics!), how were you going to handle the neck area, seeing as it lifts upwards and has that edging. I believe I will be giving a shot to leather working. I've been watching videos on leather stamping and dyeing and I think it's possible. One of my friends found a leather working supply store fairly close by and I figured I'd stop by and harass them for a bit. She also knows a shoe maker who makes boots for the viking re-enactors that I may contact, haven't decided if I'll go that far. Perhaps just purchasing a cheap pair that I can mutilate with experimentation would be best. Also Canisunis provided me a link to an awesome leather person that I'll try to contact for tips later on. I'm not quite sure how I'll attach the leather to the mail yet, especially the larger parts hanging down in the leg/skirt area. I was also considering instead of leather, doing scales in those areas (and perhaps experimenting with color in the meantime). In any case, you guys/gals are all awesome, thank you for the help and tips.