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    Stabilising a sheet of scalemail?

    Just to clarify though; I know how to stop the edge scales from flopping around but will this help the overall effect of the whole bottom half of the sheet curling in on itself?
  2. wishaway

    Stabilising a sheet of scalemail?

    Ahhh thanks so much, guys! Almost all my pieces are done so I'll be able to use your advice to finish stabilising them soon! I did have a look through some of the tutorials but must have missed that bit of info. Thanks again!
  3. Hi guys! New to the forum but hope to be around a lot more! I'm very new to the art of chain and scale mail, and I'm doing it as a hobby/for cosplay rather than for selling purposes. I've been enjoying myself a lot in making scalemail but I have one small issue I was hoping to get tips on. On a sheet of scalemail (using large scales) such as this one on the right: How would one stabilise it in the back in such a way that, when hung from the top row the scales don't curl in on themselves at the bottom? The obvious answer is probably thread some wire through the rings in the back but I also don't want to lose a lot of the flexibility in the sheet. I did look around a bit for a solution but either I've missed something or there isn't really a way to do it. Do you guys have any tips for me? (Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if the answer is an obvious one, I'm a total newbie!)