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  1. Penny


    THese are simply amazing
  2. I have ended up using some for a couple of japanese weave bracelets. Comes in real handy to not need clasps
  3. Penny


    very nice!
  4. Penny

    Best pliers for small hands

    My biggest concern is them fitting in my hands and durability I'm open to any suggestions...
  5. Penny

    Best pliers for small hands

    The ones I have are 5" handles and while I like them the springs have already broke in less than 2 months. Yeah they replaced them but my thinking is that it happened that quickly with one pair they are likely to do it again, which is why i'm looking for other options. Also my thinking is this.. If I have to spend a bit more to get better quality that is going to last me a long time then that is fine -better that than going thru several pairs
  6. LOVES her new AA scales :)

  7. Penny

    Persephone earrings

    Very Cool... I love the way Niobium shimmers
  8. Penny

    Best pliers for small hands

    Thank you Mike... That all makes total sense. The ones I'm workign with now are comfortable and i have sanded the edges and machine marks out. I do work mostly with sterling, niobium and aluminum - bright and anodized. I've used the dip it stuff and I'm not a huge fan of it but maybe I'll try it again. And yeah I'm sure I'd get as many suggestions as maillers that answer the questions. Thank you
  9. Penny

    Central KY Anyone?

    I'm still new to this. Wondering if there is anyone in central KY (Lexington area) other than me to connect with. I could really benefit from some hands on advice witht some of tthese weaves I'd really like to learn (and have had ZERO luck wiht in seemingly billions of tutorials for the same thing... Love to hear from anyone around...
  10. I have pretty small hands even for a woman, to give you an idea how small - they still fit into the "handprint" castings I made for my mom when i was 10 so there ya go. I have been working with "mini pliers" from a set I picked up at lowes. They are flat and don't scratch up the rings at all but I don't know how long they will last in working with them daily and I dunno it just seems like I should be working something that is made for use in jewelry making/mailling. Granted, if they don't fit in my hands it doesn't really matter much better they are or what they were designed for since I wont' be able to work with them anyway. So if anyone has any suggestions for what my best options are given the small hands factor I'd be very grateful.
  11. Penny

    Labor charges for chainmail jewelry pieces

    I'm going to throw in my .02 her as a relatively new mailler that does jewelry pieces exclusively. I've been at this for 2 months so I'm still pretty fresh but here are my thoughts.. yes, I'm still learning but frankly I know I dont' suck at this, I'm good for someone that has only done this a very short time I think and when I am out with my stuff on or displayed it sells almost immediately so that is what I'm basing that assessment on. Sure I could undercharge for labor being new at this but I don't. My minimum per hour is 20.00 period. My reasoning is this... I'm a mother to 3 girls under 10 - one of them still a toddler, my time is MORE than a little valuable so I charge accordingly for it. To me you can't just think of the ACTUAL labor you are investing in the project, you need to think of what the time invested takes away from other things - like your family (at least for me). That being said I charge my labor only for the actual amount of time I spend doing the project - even if i need to put it down, even if i pick it up and start back and screw up the start point - I don't charge for the time I take to fix my mistake I chalk it up to my learning process and for me that means "eating" the labor charge for that time loss. So there is my .02 worth as a newbie. Hope that it's got some value...
  12. anything left? I'd like 1lb if you've got it... I can paypal to you
  13. Penny

    Looking for suggestions

    My best friend and I have an etsy store, we network a TON on facebook (mostly due to games) and my church (its a Unitarian Universalist church so we have a pretty diverse community there). I have done a lot as gifts for sure but I've sold as much as or more than I've given to people. Also I wear it whenever I go out either earrings or a bracelet - something. I always have business cards on me too and a lot of people will see it on me then call or email and request it (hey it saves me a listing fee so I never mind that!). Another thing to mention is that the etsy store we have is not just chainmaille. We have beaded pieces and candles as well so we attract people looking for things other than chainmaille and I'm sure that has something to do with it too. They come tot he site becuase they are lookign for an ecofriendly candle or essential oil bath or body product or even a beaded set or wrapped crystal then they see that we have chainmaille too and look. Pulling in a bigger variety of shoppers never hurts when you are trying to sell something. Drop me a PM if you want. I'm happy to talk about what we have done.
  14. Penny

    Celtric Star

    This is Stunning!