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  1. Zolsta

    ring cutter motors

    I'm not sure what 1/8 hp converts to in amps, but I'm not having any problems cutting Aluminum with a 4 amp drill setup, roughly 3/4 power. Not sure if the foot pedal would give you consistent results however.
  2. Zolsta

    motor size

    I would also wonder as to the amps of the motor. I'm currently using a 4 amp drill that is plugged into and extension cord with a dimmer switch. I'm using one of the newer dimmer switches, which, to my understanding, doesn't decrease torque like a turn dial resistance dimmer would. So far works great for Aluminum. I set the dimmer at the speed I want, set the drill to full power, and just turn the dimmer on and off as needed. Eventually, as i cut other metals, I'll have markings for speeds for Aluminum, Steel, Copper and Bronze.
  3. Zolsta

    Jewelry Management Software

    I've looked at this as well, and it seems like it would be great, but I won't know until I use it. So far, I've been okay with a pretty robust excel spreadsheet to track inventory and cost and price, but I'm also not selling my pieces yet, just costing and pricing what I've made for future reference. If I ever get to that stage, I'll probably look at this software as well. Thanks for the info, and if you get it, I look forward to your opinion on it.
  4. Zolsta

    is saw cut worth it?

    Madd stated this very well. I have made mostly jewlery, with a couple of scuplture pieces. Almost everything has been saw cut. The only Machine cut rings I used was when I was first starting out. Aside from what Madd said above, the best way I know I've closed a ring properly is when I make a mistake in the weave, and have to undo some rings, and then spend a significant amount of time trying to find the actual closure to undo it. With machine cut, even a good closure is still easy to find with a fingernail. I also go with the maginfication, I have a jeweler's headset that I use when I'm weaving, which shows imperfections much quicker then by the naked eye. Though I am a little biased, as I also cut my own rings for the most part. I love being able to say, "This piece, started from that spool of wire over there." Though I'm not in it to sell, at least not yet. All my pieces have been gifts at this point.
  5. Zolsta

    Cutting rings with a dremel help

    I believe the dremel is also too fast. You're looking to be cutting around 100-300 rpm for aluminum and well under that for copper and steel, if I remember right.. I've got the various speeds printed out, but my binder is at home. I built a ring cutter out of an old electric drill, some aluminum angle iron and a dimmer switch wired into an extension cord for speed control. Mounted it on an old cabinet door using left over wood pieces from other projects. I can post some pictures later if you're interested
  6. Zolsta

    romanov unit ring sizes

    I've used SXAB18532, SXAB18932 for the romanov I've done, I'm not sure what the bead size was though, I think 4mm, but not positive. I can measure them when I get home tomorrow and update this.
  7. Zolsta

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    I built a custom rig with a handheld drill, some aluminum angle irons, some scrap wood I had lying around, and a dimmer switch for a variable speed control. Not the most aesthetically pleasing construction, but it's functional. I use it when I need a custom size rings, or need to quickly make more of a size I ran out of. I tend to buy bulk from TRL. Also, I just enjoy making stuff, so making my rings from scratch is just more fun for me. That was the main reason I made it, since I know cost wise, it's not as effective to make my own rings, but I enjoy it, in a meditation type way. But I'm also doing this as a hobby, and not really selling any of the pieces I've made, so the time aspect isn't as big a deal. I'll be factoring in ring creation if I start actively selling pieces at a later date. Chainmaille, all the aspects of it, is a blast for me, as well as useful. I currently keep the rings I'm using for a project with me, as well as some pliers, and when I feel like having a smoke, pull out the pliers and start working to keep my hands busy.
  8. Here's the math, from CGMaille.com Here's the link: http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/dragonscale.shtml I'm not sure on the math, since it's 1am here. I started working it out, but I don't think I did it right. I've only done Dragonscale in the same guage, which is much easier math. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will chime in as well.
  9. Zolsta

    CGMaille.com Wrong Rings

    I second Daemon_Lotos about investing in calipers. It makes it much easier to see what exactly the AR and ID are of the rings. Especially if you start making your own. I recent made a number of AB1814 rings, and didn't even think of checking, combined them with the 1814 rings I got from TRL. After I started working on a weave, I saw there was a noticeable size difference. After measuring, TRL rings are 6.48 for an AR, while mine are 5.47. I then spent quality time sorting through them As for Dragonscale, Movak did a nice right up about the math for it, if you're using the same guage. I think there's another post on the boards that go into the math for different guages, but I can't seem to find it http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/10176-need-an-equivalent-measurement-for-dragonscale-finished/?p=76761
  10. Zolsta

    Scale "Feathers"

    Thanks again!
  11. Zolsta

    Question about new pliers

    I've got a pair of the regular Ringlord pliers and the Bent nose ones. I love them for doing aluminum, I use it for 16 to 22 guage. I also have a pair of harbor freight Lineman Pliers I use for 16guage SS. I've had no issues with them, but I haven't tried any of the other pliers to give a good comparision.
  12. Zolsta

    Scale "Feathers"

    Thanks for the response. What do you mean by bracelet weave though? And I love those flowers with EPDM!
  13. Zolsta

    Scale "Feathers"

    So I'm working on a dream catcher, and one of the things I'd like to do for part of it is make scale feathers for it. But I'm having a tough time determining what weave to use to keep the scales kinda pointed out, and not droop straight down. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, ~Z
  14. Zolsta

    Another Dragonscale question

    There was a post a while back where Movak, I think, had done out the math. I thought I had it bookmarked, but I can't find it now. If I remember right, your small ring needs to be at least an AR of 3.6 and preferably around 3.9 for flexibility. The larger ring should have an AR of the smaller ring +2. If they're the same gauge. So following the math, like TwilightBanana said, 18ga 1/4" or higher for the larger rings. That's also assuming I remembered that post right......*heads off to dig through the forums* Ah found it, just had it bookmarked in a different spot. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/10176-need-an-equivalent-measurement-for-dragonscale-finished/?p=76761
  15. Zolsta

    What is this called?

    I just used pieces of 19ga Wire and a pair of round Jeweler pliers to make the loops. A small piece of masking tape on the pliers helps ensure you make the loops the same size, if you're doing multiple beads.