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  1. KathyKoers

    Captive 2 in 1 Chain

    Made with 18swg 1/4 Black Ice and 18swg 3/16 Dark Rose AA with gun metal magnetic clasp.
  2. Made with 18swg 1/4 Black Ice and 18swg 5/32 Dark Rose AA. Cute combination of 2 weaves with gun metal ear wires and gun metal magnetic clasps. Earrings on right are 16swg 5/16 and 18swg 3/16.
  3. KathyKoers

    Shaggy Sclaes Necklace and Earring Sets

    Made with medium Black AA, Brass, Mirror and Brushed Aluminum and 18swg BA rings. Bottom is Elfin Weave with a 2 in 2 chain and the top is a 3 ring and 4 ring Mobus. Both with sterling earwires and magnetic clasps.
  4. 18g 5/32 royal blue and orange AA rings with Old English "D" charm.
  5. 18g 5/32 royal blue and gold AA rings with 2 U of M charms.
  6. KathyKoers

    Japanese Mobius 6 in 3 Bracelet

    18swg 1/4 black ice AA and 5/32 gold AA rings with a easy on/off magnetic clasp.
  7. Gold and royal blue AA 18swg 3/16 rings with 2 U of M charms. Pretty cool, huh?
  8. KathyKoers

    Necktie-Japanese Mobius

    This is a beauty! Made with 18g 1/4 black ice and 18g 5/32 gold AA. Realistic 3-D knot, hidden button hole anchor and lobster claw clasp. https://www.etsy.com/listing/212878406/chain-maille-necktie?ref=listing-shop-header-3
  9. KathyKoers

    Necktie-European 4 in 1

    Made with 18g 5/32 AA in burgundy and black ice. Beautiful tie with realistic 3-D knot and a hidden button hole anchor. Simple 2 in 2 chain with lobster claw clasp. https://www.etsy.com/listing/212882187/chain-maille-necktie?ref=related-0
  10. I made these with random left over rings. The rings are 18g 5/32 AA in royal blue, orange and gold(for the U of M yellow). The weaves are, from top, Rosetta, Barrell, Rosetta, and Cloud Clover. All found on M.A.I.L.
  11. KathyKoers

    Dragonscale Necktie

    The smaller rings are light pink. I'm not using a kit. I just bought the suggested sizes in the kit from TRL. I don't think I will be using the same technique for the knot as in the kit. I'll have to see how it works out when I get there.
  12. KathyKoers

    Dragonscale Necktie

    This is the start of a Dragonscale tie. I got the supplies and tutorial from TRL. Time consuming weave but I love it.
  13. KathyKoers


    My son, Michael, modeling his tie. A little fine tuning on the neck chain and he's a happy boy! Recap, this is the first one I made. You can see close-ups in my photos.
  14. KathyKoers


    My third completed tie for my son, Kenneth. Awesome blue rings in this one. Again, 18g, 3/16 rings.
  15. KathyKoers


    This is my second finished tie made for my son Charles. Lovin the purple rings. European 4-1 in 18g, 3/16. I must add I used my new pliers from TRL and I love them. I got the wide nose with ergonomic handles and they are GREAT!