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    um.. chainmaille!! & beadwork & viking knit & cross stitch & cross country skiing (small countries only!)
  1. tazmanette

    A glimpse at what TRL is up to in 2013

    any plans on polycarb solid in the larger 7/8 size? have a project on hold waiting for the solids, would be way faster in the larger ring size
  2. tazmanette

    CIR Sheath

    great idea, but I'm lazy... I just use a twist tie or scrap of wire through end rings lol
  3. tazmanette


    just awesome!!
  4. tazmanette

    blue Dc zoom

    thanks! was my first one (that worked!) in maille.. a lot quicker than my beaded ones!
  5. tazmanette

    red and silver dreamcatcher

  6. tazmanette

    dragon Set

  7. tazmanette

    dragon first

  8. tazmanette

    ststeel centipede

  9. tazmanette

    copper gears X

    was in a steampunkish mood i guess
  10. tazmanette

    Big dododecahedron

    just a bit smaller than a tennis ball...no I don't know why but I was bored & had some huge rings... sorry no idea what, back then (last summer hahaha) I hadn't learned to keep notes of things like that yet
  11. tazmanette


    brass "no-slip grip" on my work mug
  12. tazmanette

    Pt maille

    things to do on holiday.. give your car chainmaille accents !!
  13. tazmanette

    guitar strap 2x

    custom guitar strap.. 14g 1/4" BA & hand made leather ends