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    A little bit of everything. Mailling is fairly recent, but I'm a quick study.
  1. Nevar

    Padded work gloves for maileing

    I'm mainly using the crap beading pliers I got when I was helping Mom with her beading. I have a few low end modded pliers from some place... (Dad got a set for Mom, and they had teeth.. no use to her, after modded useful to me.(filed the teeth off at the tips, left the rest on for st st.)) I need to invest in some good pliers, as they really hurt me after a prolonged period of mailling. I use my hands all day at work, scrubbing things, and moving tables, so I need to adjust to my new pain level. It's not my palms though, it's the joint of my thumb, on my dominant hand. I bought padded bike gloves, then promptly mis-placed them.
  2. Nevar

    You might be a mailler if...

    Ybami: You made scale flower hair clips and used them to decorate your present at your cousins baby shower. Also, if you got dirty looks and rude comments for working on a bracelet during said shower. I woke up with an aa scale stuck to my behind today, so I guess I now qualify as a real mailler.
  3. Nevar

    You might be a mailler if...

    Ymbami or femailler when: at the first all employee meeting at your new job they ask you to say your name and something not everyone would know about you (mistake) and your answer is "My name is Chelle (sub your name here), and if you want a chain maille bracelet, see me after the meeting." She let me post business cards on the safety board. If you are carrying a work in progress in your purse, and it's a bracer. If you started carrying a purse, cause you ran out of room in your pants. If you don't mind the hour and a half bus commute to work (each way) cause you can make things while traveling. If you spend very little time on maille on the bus cause the other folks want to see what you are doing, so you started wearing head phones with the end in your pocket so you can pretend you don't hear them. (If they ask more than once, I let them hold it, then hand a card out. However I have a feeling most bus riders in my town are broke.) If you spend your day off making small maille pieces at the other half's tattoo shop (ok so he's an apprentice) cause they have cash and like different things. Edit... I read it all, and missed the one about your cats sitting on your progress because you are ignoring them.
  4. Got job check to day, waits for unemployment supplement...

    1. Nevar


      yes, the us gives me both unless I top 35 hours.

  5. MUST NOT SHOP... until I have money on hand... *sigh*

  6. Nevar


    I'm a chick that has no theater or nautical history, and I like the d-shackle/clevis clasps... I happen to like large pieces though. I have no gallery entries here because I haven't quite figured out how to post them, and am waiting for something truly inspiring to be finished. It's my first "Real" armor project, so it may be a while.
  7. :D I got to use my wire and manderals tonight... not as many screw ups as I expected... Of course I did start with copper ...
  8. Had a lousy day at work, got home to find my oreder sitting on my front steps.... That made it better.

  9. Nevar

    New Colors of Anodized Aluminum

    I hope I get the money for saw cut aa1814th turquoise before it's out... ran a little short on my estimated rings.
  10. @jazz298 that's why I have about 8 pairs..

  11. Nevar

    Forum Upgrade

    On clean cut dark, with my recently updated, force refreshed Firefox, the gallery photos fail to appear about 1/3rd of the time. Also the M in forum on the icon to return to home page is chopped short.
  12. I have an increase insales, thank goodness as I'm looking for a job.

  13. Nevar

    Humorous. Do you get the reference?

    Don Quixote to the rescue!!
  14. Nevar

    Starting a shop

    I don't maille as often as I would like, and I think it's my lack of work space. I have a tiny apartment, and the 2 people that live here (me and the other half) both own way too much crap. One day, I'd like to have a room to work in. First things first, I need the income to get there. slightly off topic, but good luck to you.
  15. Nevar

    Giving Advice

    I'm not afraid to post... Here. There is one site that confuses me to no end, and I rarely post there because of the way I saw veteran maillers being treated. Honestly, I'm not what I would call stupid, but I have a host of learning development issues that I would rather not get into here, and sometimes, google only confuses me. It's the abundance of information flooding in at one time... I just get buried. I have to actually have an idea of what I'm looking for specifically, like when I started trying to make smaller scale maille pieces. I end up feeling like I'm in an advertisement for Bing. Last time I was having an issue with something I wanted to do, I was told to do the math and figure out which ar's I'd need.(admittedly this was chatting live with someone, and I was too embarrassed to say anything) Which would work, if math wasn't where my biggest learning issues are. it's kinda silly, a person that makes maille and can't do math without examples of the equations to look at.