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  1. mischiefman

    tapestry project

    Oh my! The amount of work that must take.
  2. mischiefman

    Update on my Jolly Roger

    Very cool! That looks like a lot of work. Cheers to you for sticking with it. Any idea of how many rings you've used or are going to end up using?
  3. mischiefman

    Finally! A maille and scale color pattern CGI program

    Hey Ian (I'm an Ian as well), you can also try this one it's a bit easier to use.: http://www.lostsensesdesigns.ca/cigp
  4. mischiefman

    [Question] Ringinator

    If I understand correctly, they are different iterations of the product with the EZ being the current one.
  5. mischiefman

    Newbie asking for guage/material help.

    I certainly wouldn't want the extra weight of a bag made of maille that is large enough to carry what you need carried, but that's just me. Rather than welding, you could try riveting the rings. A quick search online should give you info about how to do it.
  6. mischiefman

    Best Place to Sell

    I would strongly suspect that the answer to your question would depend on where you live and the people in your area. Sure, you can set up an online store, an Etsy page, put your stuff out on eBay and/or Craigslist, but it maybe more beneficial to put your stuff out in the wild at craft faires and the like. It really just depends.
  7. mischiefman

    Anodized aluminum wash-safe?

    I've never put AA through a washing machine, but my plain aluminum projects get washed. Are you worried about the color fading in the machine or what?
  8. mischiefman

    Hemming Euro 4 in 1

    Isn't that just a simple box weave?
  9. mischiefman

    How long before you became proficient at ring sizing?

    The Android store has (last I looked) two apps for calculating AR. One of the apps even has a chart of common weaves and the minimum AR needed. I use both apps a lot.
  10. mischiefman

    Dragon Scale vest in Ti?

    Perhaps this will help with the aspect ratio confusion.
  11. mischiefman


    That should be 5/16" and 3/16"....ugh....
  12. mischiefman

    New User Thread

    Hello from north, central Texas. I'm a hobbyist mailler who is dabbling in trying to make some money. We'll see what happens. If I don't sell anything it won't crush me because I'll still be making maille and enjoying it. If I can sell something, GREAT!
  13. mischiefman

    A Question about Copper

    I suppose that I should have provided more detailed information; sorry. The pendant will essentially be the same as these earrings that I made. The large rings are 5/16" and the smaller 3/16". I plan to use 16 ga. for the large rings and 18 for the smaller.
  14. mischiefman


    17 gauge aluminum 5/32 and 3/32 rings
  15. mischiefman

    Starting Inventory

    As I gear up to creating an inventory of items to sell, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to work on most. I plan on making small, easier to make items like bracelets, finger rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. I also want to make a few novelty items like wine bottle cozies, card/coin purses, and small bags. Finally, a big piece or two for show that can be special ordered. The plan is to start at local craft fairs, sell online via facebook and/or a website, and whatever else I can think of. I know that what I make will greatly depend on what sells in my area and at the venue where it is offered, but certainly others have created something that really sold well and things that did not sell well. Like, people may have discovered that finger rings don't actually sell as well as would be expected and it may be a waste of time. Are there any glaring problems with my "plan?" Any helpful advise about mistakes that I'm about to make? Any other information would be appreciated also.