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  1. Hi guys! Relatively new here (and I suppose by relatively I mean completely), looked like the post fit here the best. I've had some success on the internet at large with a couple of scale items that I made for myself (almost 14.5k notes on the original tumblr post now), so I decided I might as well open up an Etsy shop and see if anyone out there was actually interested. I was pretty surprised at the response; I'm not exactly making a living, but it's been not a bad side job for me to tinker with in my off time, and it's more than funding all of the other things I've wanted to make for me. Here are some pictures from my shop of what's currently for sale. (The pictures are all of pieces I made for me, and additional ones are made to order based on what colours and size the person wants.) And, of course, the shameless self-promotion link. At the moment I'm also working on a couple new projects; the most interesting of which being a Scale Coif, since I couldn't find any on the internet when I took a spin around. It looks like a wig right now; I've had to put it on hold for a couple of larger orders (and because I'm out of those colours until my next order), but so far I'm pretty pleased with how it holds its shape. It's staying on surprisingly well, too! Here it is on my dumb face. Thanks for the read, guys, and let me know if I can make anything for any of you.