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  1. Update: Third project.. Simple stretchy euro 4 in 1 bracelet. I can see why this is what armor is made out of.. Notably stable, really hard to mess up, and it seems to weave so much faster than byzantine or dragonscale. Though, having mentioned it.. I bet byzantine armor would be as awesome-looking as it would be heavy. I feel like my byzantine bracelet weighs more than the 4 in 1 bracelet. But yeah.. byantine kit + neoprene rings = all kinds of stuff. Not sure if the square 18g 3/16 rings would be useable for 6 in 1 though.. Too braindead to find out. I do plan to see if I can use it for half persian or GSP (I think that's what it's called) though. Some time that isn't nearly 7am.
  2. Update: Having finished body my mom's bracelet and my own yesterday, I decided tonight to throw on a webseries I've been meaning to catch up on and go nuts on my second byzantine project.. My choker is complete and i've still got plenty of rings left over.. (and I don't have a small neck..) I'm thinking that my past with welding, radio controlled cars, stipping copper wire for recycling, and being a machinist has made my hands pretty resistant to any serious soreness.. because there's a touch of soreness that I can feel when I make fists, but for the most part the only thing that's feeling particularly sore is my right bicep. Again, that may have as much to do with bowing as with mailling.. honestly not sure. Regardless, those calluses are already forming pretty solid, especially on my fingers. My palms don't seem to be hardening up much, but then there's a lot more meat there for padding, so I guess I'll have to see how my hands feel tomorrow after I use up the rest of these rings. Aluminum continues to be insanely easy to work with compared to titanium, and I'm really liking the different patterns I can get with my two colors with the byzantine weave. The bracelet I just alternated colors for each pair of rings.. black, green, black, green. I ended up with what looks like complete diagonal byzantine units of each color. this time I went with one black and one green for each pair and oriented them parallel the entire way down the strand. When I put it on, I just give one end a full twist and it comes out looking pretty neat. I'm somewhat nervous about how I'm genuinely concerned that I'm going to very rapidly run out of rings... and that it's going to take another two weeks to get more... Maybe I fall a little too hard into hobbies? Oh.. the 3/16 square wire byzantine kits? Not useable for box chain. After the second 'box' it's too tight to fit two rings through. I think 18g 3/16 round will make box chain.. so that makes it pretty obvious how different the AR on the square wire rings really is. Anyway.. bedtime for me. Hope y'all had an enjoyable weekend!
  3. Everything arrived, everything looks great, shipping was perhaps a touch slow but that's on UPS, not TRL.. The rose colored anodized saw-cut titanium rings I ordered are more consistently colored than I expected with just enough difference to notice upon scrutiny.. Very minor burring on the minority of rings thus far. Minor enough that I've simply crushed the burr with my needle nose pliers and it's flaked right off. The anodizing seems of a decen tquality as well, I only have very minor scratching even on the rings that got away from me and slipped out of the jaws of my Wubbers. The rubber rings I ordered are dust-free and more stretchy and resilient than I expected. The black/green byzantine kit I ordered came with everything advertized and I have little doubt that it will make the claimed 40" of chain. The green is a pleasant emerald color (very close to what my monitor showed) and the black is dark and shiny with only a light hint of purple in direct sunlight. I believe I saw somewhere on this forum that it was recommended that customers vigorously shake the bags of AA rings for a few moments before opening to help knock off any burrs.. Worked for me. I've had virtually no noteworthy burrs and I've yet to see any flaws in the anodizing or in the aluminum My only (very minor) complaint is that the black lobster claw clasps that came with the byzantine kit have unnecessarily strong springs in them.. I like my bracelets to fit a bit on the tight side, and I had to use a pair of pliers to hold it open when putting my bracelet on. Still, very minor annoyance made even more minor by the fact that I'm all but positive that this clasp is never going to come loose on it's own.. Overall a very, very positive first experience! Will most certainly be ordering again.
  4. Deuce

    New User Thread

    Good morning from central Tennessee... Brand new to the hobby and already hoping I can sell a few things to help pay for it. I posted about my first project in the discussion forum.. waiting to see if there's actually any interest before I put any pictures up. Can't guarantee I'll post all that much (this isn't the most active forum on earth and there are undoubtedly people on here with far more experience than I'll ever have to answer questions or inspire others) but I've been lurking for several weeks now and have gotten some decent advice already, so I'll be around.
  5. Updates: ...So.. byzantine - or at least AA 3/16 byzantine - is apparently far more enjoyable than dragonscale.. or, at least way easier than stretchy saw-cut titanium dragonscale. I like the color groupings I get if I swap colors every other pair when building. Stretchy dragonscale seems to be a real, honest, viable thing.. and it looks really good in the 'rose' colored anodized titanium. It's not red.. more of a medium bronze with purple tones, but it shows those purples really nicely in the light, sometimes almost looking a burgundy color. I like it. Connecting a loop of dragonscale is a royal PITA though, for anyone who hasn't tried it. The only real downside, though, aside from connecting it back to itself, is that when stretched to fit over a hand, the rubber rings have a tendency to slip out of place and sit above the rings they should normally fit below, which makes the weave look and feel a little strange. No big deal to get it back in place, even when it's on a wrist, but it's.. not ideal. Still, I'm totally happy with my first project! Completed in one day. Only took about half of my rings, too, so I still have lots left over and could make another bracelet, or some persian for a more subtle bracelet.. or a pair of earrings.. Though my mom did express interest in a ring of the same color/weave, so maybe I'll have to try my hand at micromail in the future. Had enough time left over to make myself a byzantine bracelet.. The black mini lobster claw clasps that come with the byzantine kits have.. surprisingly strong springs in them. I literally had to hold it open with a pair of pliers to get it on my wrist. I'm pretty confident it won't come off, though, so the minor inconvenience is just made that much more minor. This stretchy dragonscale , when placed on it's side, forms automatically into a neat little bowl... I seriously wonder about making a helm out of it or something.. I should see if anyone has any tutorials on expanding dragonscale. I can't seem to quite wrap my head around how it would work. Meanwhile, I feel like I've accomplished something.. and also like my hands and upper arms are very irritated with me.... though some of that may be due to a 4 hour session of half-drunk speed-bowling last night. The rest of me is pretty sore too. So.. I suppose that concludes my update. Hope y'all have a nice weekend.
  6. So I recently decided to take the leap and order myself some mail supplies.. Two guesses where I ordered them from. Anyway, I didn't get much.. 2oz of some titanium rings (rose color), a bag of tiny rubber rings, and a green/black square byzantine kit. The byzantine kit speaks for itself.. the titanium and rubber, though, are for some stretchy dragonscale. I've gotten my mom some pretty horrible, reasonably cheesy, somewhat childish, relatively stupid (etc, etc, etc) gifts over the years now, and I wanted to make her something she could wear and that was unique.. I've never seen anyone else make stretchy dragonscale.. so that's that I decided to do. I already got myself some Wubber pliers (because somewhere on this forum, it was said that they were worth the money) and I couldn't resist getting at least a few rows done before I turned my attention toward things I should be doing instead.... Turns out I can totally do this. Also that titanium is way the heck springier than I anticipated. Like whoa. Closing up the gap from the saw blade is.. more difficult than I'd imagined it would be. If there's any interest in my little project, I can try to get some half decent pictures in the near future.. but it's somewhat slow going. Not only because I'm a newb, but also because dragonscale is kinda a pain when you can only open/close the big rings XD Anyway, I'm riding that little wave of happiness that comes from realizing that a project is really, honestly possible and it's a good enough wave that I decided to go so far as to register for the TRL forum and .. well, post this. I see gratification as well as sore hands in my future.. Also regret that I didn't order far, far more rings. Anyway, yay for my first project and my first post! Looking forward to any comments or concerns you all might have, and do tell if you're actually interested in this.. I have a neighbor with some really nice camera equipment so if pictures are demanded, I can probably get some this weekend or early next week.