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    Chainmail pot scrubber

    While looking at cast iron cookware, I saw this on Amazon: KitchenGear Cast Iron Cookware Cleaner, Iron Skillet Chainmail Scrubber I'd never heard of such a thing! This looks like it would be a really easy project and a good stocking stuffer. Questions: 1) Would rust be a problem with regular stainless steel rings--at the kitchen sink? 2) What's this "food grade" business? Does it even matter if you're just cleaning a pot with it?
  2. debr1126

    Cat and Rat Armour

    I like his tie.
  3. debr1126

    KIT-BJ-SS Kit - Smallest rings (20 ga?)

    Thank you! I got busy and put this on the side for awhile, but I'm going to order now.
  4. So, I'm a beginner, and I ordered the basic stainless steel jewelry kit and started doing a European 4-in-1 cuff bracelet with the smallest rings. Thanks for the instructions! Okay so far, but what looked like a HUGE amount of rings now looks like it's not going to be enough to finish the cuff. Who knew it could take more than 1,000 rings for a small project? I'd like to order some more of just the smallest rings. I think I know the size (20 ga, 1/8"?), but since I'm halfway done with the bracelet, I'd like to be sure I get the exact same rings, if possible, so they match the ones I already did. I'm convinced I'm going to get it wrong and have to wait twice as long. :-/ I feel like a big baby, but could someone who knows exactlly what comes with this kit please link to the correct product? Thank you!