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    well i didn't give particulars because there are a large range of companies and places to get those types of doll from(including ebay). mine in particular is a bobobie brand, and i used denverdoll.com to order it for me. denverdoll.com, mintoncardinc.com and junkyspot.com both carry a selection of "in stock" dolls -OR- you can order with denverdoll/mintoncardinc or various others or directly from the various BJD companies to have one made for you. the most affordable dolls of this particular size are from bobobie.com resinsoul.com and lostangel.us, you can find out more information by google searches or joining a BJD forum such as denofangels.com Your Charisma is beautiful. I don't believe I have seen them before either on BBB or DoA FORUMS. I hope you will post to the BBB forum as there are many members there who would dearly love to see a beauty like that. Thankx for opening my eyes to such creations. - ShadowHawke - MOD BBB Doll FORUM