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  1. I know I haven't posted here in a while, but have all my pictures been removed?

    1. Milquetoast


      I can see them fine by going to your profile and then Gallery

    2. Wiccandove


      Ok I see them now, so weird there was nothing showing for


  2. Wiccandove

    My Dragonfly.

    lol this looks familiar, although I like how you put the holes on the ends of the wings. great idea
  3. Wiccandove

    Got my rings and OH GOD MY HANDS!

    Freeze a bottle of water and when your hands get really sore hold on to that for a few minutes. Welcome to maille!
  4. Wiccandove

    Mailler on Facebook

    Joining the party! Heres my Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elegance-in-Chains-Handmade-Chainmaille-Jewelry/181053131929775?ref=hl
  5. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

    Any news on this? I also recently saw some scales that looked like someone had done metal stamping on - has anyone ever tried this?
  6. Wiccandove

    Maille in the mail (Canada Post)

    I ship Canada post. Usually small items that I wrap in bubble wrap or tissue paper and fit in a regular envelope. Ask for small packet or light packet pricing (I forget exactly what its called) and as long as it fits through the plastic slot thing they have it should cost you about $2.50 to send to the USA.
  7. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

  8. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

    Good luck! I'm anxious to see what you discover
  9. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

    I did write the artist and her response was "My Fractal Scale Maille scales and designs are unique to my brand as a professional artist; as such, they are copyright protected."
  10. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

    I was thinking heat or electricity was involved too - yes Jon please ask if she'll share her technique!
  11. Wiccandove

    How to get scales like this?

    I came across this picture at BBB and was blown away - how can you make scales look like this?
  12. Wiccandove

    Are EPDM rings safe to chew on?

    How odd, I was just doing research on this myself. I have a 9 year old son with pica and was thinking maybe making him a bracelet from epdm rings would be a good, discrete way for him to have something to chew on that doesn't look like some giant red baby pacifier. Glad to see I'm not the only one!
  13. Wiccandove

    Call for Canadian subcontractors

    I would be interested but not sure I qualify. I live in Toronto but I'm not officially landed yet
  14. Wiccandove

    Physical Simulation of Chainmaille

    Thanks, I'll look you up next time I'm on, I'm Polly Pavlova co-owner of the LOGO store.
  15. Wiccandove

    Physical Simulation of Chainmaille

    Heh, I recreate my chainmaille jewelry and sell it in SL but I haven't played with physics. I did manage to make a great set of byz links out of one prim tho https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LOGO-Byzantine-Sculpted-Chain-Links-FULL-PERM/1574669