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    Many and varied, but at bottom I'm all about the jewelry, baby. Cognitive psych, pragmatic philosophy, color, texture, how the brain perceives light/color, music and the musical properties of phosphor bronze and Argentium.
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    Cutting Jump Rings Foredom vs Jump Ringer

    From the Ringinator website, 5 October 2010: "Notice:We are temporarily sold out of the Ringinator. We expect to have more in stock by late September. If you would like to order one, it will ship once we get them in stock. As a bonus, we include a free blade with all pre-orders ($10 value)." I use a Dremel 4000 ($80), a Koil Kutter ($80) and Malco HSS 1.25" OD x 3/8" ID x .010" jeweler's slotting saws with 120 teeth ($6-8 each). I am very satisfied with my setup, but I do go through a fair amount of saws. I order them 10 at a time. For 18 gauge Argentium, gold-filled and 514 phosphor bronze I cut at around 14,000 RPM and use dishwashing liquid for lubricant. For 20 gauge anodized niobium I keep the coils very short (1-inch) with bur-life stick rubbed directly on the coil for lubricant and cut at the Dremel's slowest possible speed. The Ringinator "Cutting Speed" page recommends cutting niobium at 80 - 120 feet per minute; with my 1.25" saw that comes out to 245 - 367 RPMs. I spoke with Curt of C&T Designs in Colorado a couple of weeks ago, he cuts niobium at 350 RPMs. The same page also has recommended cutting speeds for virtually any metal you could want to make rings out of: titanium and titanium alloys, stainless, galv, carbon steels, silver, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum. The url is: http://www.ringinator.com/?page_id=53 I'm just a newbie to this forum, but I share in the hope that it will be helpful. If anyone has any recommendations/tips/tricks on cutting 19g enameled copper I'd appreciate some help with that.
  2. titanias-garden.com

    Dremel saw blades

    The Dremel 4000 with M2 HSS jeweler's slotting saws in .010" and .008" work fine. TRL has the .010 for low price but high shipping and takes a week; Travers in NY sells Malco M2 HSS saws in .008 and they arrive overnight. I like the .008 for the slim kerf but I think the .010 is probably more durable. So far I have cut Argentium, GF and phosphor bronze 18ga and 20ga at about 14,000 RPM. For 20ga anodized niobium I keep the coils very short, use bur-life rubbed directly on the coil for lubrication, and use the lowest setting - below 5,000 RPM. The finished rings are very clean, with minimal burs. Of all things, the enameled copper gives me the most grief. I haven't figured out the best blade/speed combo on that yet. Success stories welcome.
  3. titanias-garden.com

    Dremel saw blades

    FYI: The Dremel 670 mini saw attachment holds a jewelers slotting saw with 3/8" hole and contains the dust/lubricant efficiently. Compatible ONLY with Dremel models 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 800, 780. It's $22.52 on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Dremel-670-Mini-Saw-Attachment/dp/B00008Z9ZP) $31.49 at Home Depot. For someone experienced and confident with a Dremel, this might be a wonderful thing. I'm not recommending it, I produced more ruined rings than usable ones with it. But I think this probably was more my lack of experience with the process than the attachment itself. Definitely NOT recommended for 510 phosphor bronze - I broke the blade, the attachment AND burned out the motor of my Dremel 400 trying to cut 19g SWG bronze. Bought a Dremel 4000 and ordered the Koil Kutter blade guard/guide from Dave Arens.
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    Like the maille bezel. Is it open-back or solid?
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    Lovely "watermelon tourmaline" colors.