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  1. Giving this one last bump to anyone who might be interested. I have posted the Anodized Rings on my Etsy page for anyone interested:
  2. Just giving this a bump. I have prices already in mind, but willing to negotiate if anyone is interested.
  3. I am also selling ALL my Anodized Aluminum square wire rings. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, and Ice.
  4. I have some Blue Buddha Boutique Turquoise stretch rings. Never used a single one, so all 200 rings in each bag are there.
  5. Next are the rubber rings. I have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Sky, Brown, and Mixed. I also have a special color that I will put in the next post.
  6. Sorry there was not a recent update. I had some people contact me shortly after posting this expressing interest in the rings. Unfortunately, I have not heard from them in the last few weeks, so now I am going to go ahead with posting pictures for people to see what I am selling. I do have a price sheet on an Excel sheet that shows each item for it "individual" price plus a "bulk" price at the bottom that is a tad bit cheaper than the total combined price of the "individual" price. Just let me know what you are interested in. Contact me through a PM here OR at my Facebook: First pictures are of just you basic round Anodized Aluminum rings. I have Champagne, Sky Blue, Ice, Bronze, and Mixed.
  7. Hi everyone, The old orange and old yellow rings have found their new home. However, I do have some more rings (in another thread) that will be up for sale soon. Thank you!
  8. Hi Everyone! Would any of you be interested in buying a massive amount of ring stock that I am not using and would like to get out of my house? Not trying to compete with TRL. Rather just lower my stock and desiring only to get certain items when a request comes in for it. I am talking mostly about square wire AA rings and rubber rings. I am currently trying to gather them up into their own bags (since when I first got them I opened the original bags to pour into my craft containers) and get together pricing. There is a lot of items, and I am planning to price the items accordingly; but it could be worth someone's interest. I will be getting pictures soon so you can see what all I am talking about. If you have questions, please ask me. Thank you!
  9. Sorry for the delay in reply. Holiday time in my house kept me busy. Yes, they are! I tried sending you a private message, but the system says you cannot use it. Here is my Facebook page to contact me:
  10. If you want some old matte Anodized Aluminum colors, I am trying to sell what rings I have in the matte orange and matte yellow.
  11. Does anyone want these? I will send them in the little bags that are seen in the picture.
  12. I have adjusted the price a little.
  13. Hi! I have some of the old matte Orange and Yellow rings that have just been sitting around. I would like to sell them so I can make way for some new stock. Here is a picture of them. I am only asking $3 dollars for all these rings. The $3 is for shipping. So kind of free. Preferably someone in the US, but I can try to figure something out if it is beyond the US.
  14. Sorry for not replying back sooner. Thank you! I found them!
  15. Really? I could not find them. Would you please link it to me?