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  1. Undrcvredneck

    New to weaving

    Thank you. I've been trying to get into it for a few years but haven't had the chance. Now I've gotten some 16g 1/4" AA rings and have been playing since. I work 2 jobs and stayed up a lot later than I should have trying to get this sweet pea down. I really want to try an HP 3-1 now
  2. Undrcvredneck

    New to weaving

    New to weaving chain. I've made a Byz bracelet and working on a sweet pea bracelet now. Trying to do smaller projects to get the hang of weaving different patterns. Where can I find a fairly good article on AR? I know it is critical for some of the weaves I want to work but can't seem to locate anything that seems to help.
  3. Undrcvredneck

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    When I get to that point, I may just have to invest in one. I don't think I want to have a ring explode in my face. I get burned enough as it is and I really don't want to spend another $400 on a new welding hood. I'm fairly fond of mine. By the way,Lorenzo, your products look amazing. I'm trying to talk the owner of my shop into buying me a pair of your gloves. They would be an immense help when I'm running our burn table.
  4. Undrcvredneck


    The colors are amazing. What kind of heat source did he use? I'd like to try this.
  5. Undrcvredneck

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    The machine I will be using is a brand new miller 350 synchro wave. The smallest gauge I've welded with it so far was 22 gauge SS. It did really well on that but that was also a constant fuse weld.mi guess the best thing to do is try.
  6. Undrcvredneck

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    If I built a steady rest,would it just be easier to use a TIG welder? I'm really new to weaving and have read multiple topics about welding rings. I'm a welder/fabricator by trade so I have access to a few TIG rigs. When I get to wanting to weld rings, would a TIG be better or the jewelry rig?