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    What NEW things have you tried lately?

    I have been doing some square lately. Just remember the AR is different. If you are using 18 ga, pretend it's 16 ga for the same size to get the AR. I tried 18 5/32 and it is too tight in square to use for anything (2.7 AR). In round wire it is 3.4 AR.
  2. firewarden

    Male necklace - Ideas??

    I started on in 18 5/32 which I'll try for a bit. I love working with this size the best.
  3. firewarden

    Male necklace - Ideas??

    Hi, for 2 years I have been trying to make a necklace for myself. I have tried byzantine in all different size rings and rubber, box chain etc. Everything looks too feminine and I wind up selling it to a woman. Any ideas what would make a good male maille necklace?
  4. firewarden

    Mailers Smile

    A mailers smile is when you have to take some links apart to resize something and you can't find the joint because you made them so good and tight. That's when you realise you have the mailers smile.
  5. firewarden

    Payment by email interac?

    Try PayPal linked to your account. Works the same.
  6. firewarden

    Fatal Gear

    Good use of the box chain. I like the colors used also.
  7. firewarden

    Nickel and Enameled Copper

    The necklace, bracelet and earing set are 18 ga nickel silver (5/32) with red enameled copper. The bracelet in front is copper with red enameled copper. (19 ga).
  8. firewarden

    Stainless Steel Box with Swarovski cube endings by Lawless Lady

    Thank you for sharing. The Swarovski adds a nice touch.
  9. firewarden


    I only see clear on Ring Lords site. There are several colors available. I used Bermuda Blue. Volcano looks interesting also. Good price tho on The Ring Lords site.
  10. firewarden


    On Ebay. My local bead store wanted $10.00 each but on Ebay they are $2.99 ea plus $2.00 shipping. (Dreambell.com). Search for Swarovski cosmic 14mm.
  11. firewarden


    This is a project from a magazine I completed using Swarovski crystal circles.