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  1. Thomas

    Please, everyone.

    It actually scares the hell out of me.. A small glitch in the iPhone alarm and massive amounts of people are late for work. A small fire in a relay house and half our country's train system grinds to a halt. A small power outage, and suddenly thousands people are struggling to stay warm, not even able to make themselves dinner. We're so bloody reliant on our computers and machines, that we wouldn't last a week without them! To go back on-topic: even the use of those spell checkers makes us lazy (and often creates strange and annoying mistakes). I'm not a native English speaker and read very slowly in general. It really doesn't help when people are so lazy that they don't even use punctuation marks or capitalisation! It takes me at least three times as long to read a post that is just a big array of words, as opposed to a post that is actually made out of sentences. Also, incorrect usage of (for instance) they're/their/there and then/than just throws me off-balance; it makes me expect a certain part of a sentence, and when that part doesn't come, I have to read the entire sentence again for a couple of times for it to make sense to me. And some people just spell their words so appallingly, that I actually think they're words I haven't learnt yet and try to look them up in an online dictionary! I'm sure I make a lot of mistakes myself, and use sentence structures and expressions from my own language that just aren't right in English, but at least I try to make it easier for others to read what I'm saying.
  2. Thomas

    Rubber ring question

    That's not entirely true, they have a large selection of colours in 0,5 mm x 2 mm (and even 0,5 mm x 1 mm) as well! I would love to try those 0,5 mm x 2 mm ones Also, the 1 mm x 3 mm ones I got from you ( / The Queen Ring) are great! I used them for a stretchy Oops! bracelet and I've been wearing it every day since August. I haven't had a single rubber ring break, not during weaving either.
  3. Thomas

    Please, everyone.

    here here! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. Thomas

    Rubber ring question

    No need to guess. If 5mm is the outer diameter, and 3mm the inner, then the wire diameter must obviously be 1mm. (That's very close to 19g SWG or 18g AWG, since you asked for guage.)
  5. Thomas

    looking for angel wing inlay pattern

    Nice, but that's around 40.000 rings just for the inlay!
  6. Thomas

    Chainmail in Space

    Really cool wheels! Saw them on here as well, back in June: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/Index.php?/topic/8798-declassified-trl-space-project/ More pics here: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/Index.php?app=gallery&module=cats&do=sc&cat=34
  7. Thomas

    6:1 Chainmail

    I agree with the above; in fact E6 is actually weaker than E4 if you use the same wire rings (with a bigger AR, of course). If you really want a more dense look, you should give Oops! (European 4 in 1 Unbalanced) a try. It is about 1,5 times as dense (and heavy) as regular E4 with the same AR rings, and almost as flexible. I think it's stronger than E4, but probably not by the same amount as it is heavier. You could also go for Trinity (a 3 in 1 weave) with smaller AR (and therefore stronger) rings; another dense but flexible weave. Both are not historically accurate, though, and I wouldn't recommend them for a beginner's hauberk. But as said above, chainmail doesn't really protect against blunt force trauma, no matter what weave or rings you use.
  8. Thomas

    persian Sheet 6 question

    I meant that the fabric itself is not 'stretchy', or at least not as stretchy as E4. I think you are talking about weaving in row expansions/contractions?
  9. Thomas

    persian Sheet 6 question

    My very first bikini top was actually HP3-1S6. I used a simple E4-1 seam (same as Phong's I4-1 tutorial but only connected on one side instead of both). Don't have any better pictures though, and I don't have the piece any more either. I love the Persian sheets, but HP3-1S6 is not a good choice for a bikini top because it can't expand/contract and there aren't many options for seams.
  10. Thomas

    Simple Coiling Jig

    Wow, that's a very neat and simple idea! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thomas

    help needed

    The zinc coating on galvanised steel isn't nearly as shiny as the photo of your rings, and the colour of zinc is a much lighter grey. Also, the galvanised steel I've used doesn't come off in layers the way you described. It sounds more like it's nickel plated to me.
  12. Thomas

    help needed

    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Are the rings you're asking about plated? TRL has nickel plated rings, but they have a brass core and not a steel one. I'm not sure if TRL ever carried any other plated rings though. Stainless steel is not plated (and neither is TRL's mild steel); it's solid and has no layers that can come off. It'll only get shinier with use.
  13. Thomas

    help needed

    Kavier beat me to it.. if you're sure it's rusting then it must be mild steel. Stainless steel is slightly lighter in colour than mild steel, depending on alloy, but very similar.
  14. Thomas

    What is a good weave for making rings?

    HP4-1 requires a bigger AR than HP3-1, which makes individual rings weaker when using the same wire.