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  1. lothien

    Scales and Looking for Advice

    I would suggest small scales over large,. Something that has worked for me is bending over the scale a little bit at the level of the hole on the top row of my necklaces, so that they lay more flat. Just don't go overboard and weaken your scale or it will break with force (sudden or gradual). I love your idea of side lacing for closure. =)
  2. lothien

    Steel Ruff necklace

    A corrected version of the steel scale necklace, Fixed a couple of things that didn't work. I'm finding practical field test-wearing to be very educational. I also have strangely accomodating bosses who let me wear stuff like this to work. =)

    © r.vardys

  3. lothien

    mixed scale chest/necklace

    Quite heavy, in mixed small steel scales and square steel 16g.

    © r.vardys

  4. lothien

    How many rings needed for a 12" square?

    I do believe that would change according to the weave. Just straight-up E4-in-1, or are you working/planning in another weave? ETA: Mailleartisans has this: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.php?key=647 but you have to find your weave and do your own calculating...
  5. lothien

    hacky sacks!

    © VB

  6. lothien

    hacky sacks!

    Also juggle bags, fidgit balls, meditation balls, chainmaille balls stuffed with felt, pls don't lob these at anyone....
  7. lothien

    Finger calluses

    I pick my gloves up at TJ Maxx (an outlet-type store) for about 6$US and just replace them occasionally. Easy to wash when they get stinky, too.
  8. lothien

    Finger calluses

    Vet tape for the pliers and neoprene fitness gloves for your hands. =)
  9. lothien

    The 'nerd' factor

    I'm weird and nerdy regardless of whether I make maille or not. =) It's just knitting's cousin, right?
  10. lothien

    Painting scales?

    I'm pretty sure the Krylon Fusion has been suggested in the past. I know it's made for use on materials like plastic, but I haven't tried it in this specific function yet. =)
  11. lothien

    Rondo-Byz pattern with additions

    Started with the Rondo-Byzantine pattern in SS and added AA scales and accents.

    © V. Brenan

  12. lothien

    My dice bag

    Close-up arty shot of my first attempt at making a dice bag. Included the Mars Insight scales and festooned with glass beads.

    © V.Brenan

  13. lothien


    A variety of dice bags. I am not lacking in the gamer-friend dept, so this is not an illogical place to start. ^^ The leftmost one is my personal bag and the first attempt at making a bag. The scales are the Mars Insight batch. Festooned with glass beads

    © V. Brenan

  14. lothien

    What color is this?

    They are! It's an amazing finish - I want to find an excuse to have you make me a big pile of them. Thank you!
  15. lothien

    What color is this?

    Hi guys - I was sorting my mixed aa 16g316 from the 15 color custom batch, and found a single ring that's just fascinating. I cannot find it in aa on the web site; it's unlike all the others - a matte champagne color that I tried to photograph, but neither of my cameras will focus on it. LOL. Dead ringer for gold silicone, like some ear skins I have, and I had to pick it up and squeeze it to satify my brain that it was, indeed, metal. Trippy. Is it special? (aside from my opinion of it, I mean)
  16. Count my opinion as "yay" for the new shipping (I'm in the US) - not only cheaper, but my parcel will arrive tomorrow, 4 days after shipping! Amazing, and Thank You!
  17. lothien

    New springs for pliers

    Possibly sugru? Moldable stuff, very spiffy, but I haven't tried it in person and I don't know if it's strong enough. I do know I want to grab some and help 'ergo' some of my pliers' handles....
  18. lothien

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    These are totally spiffy! I have not fired a ring across the room in 2 weeks! My husband and pets are greatly relieved.
  19. lothien

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    One of my current pliers has no spring, and I just turn my wrist a certain way between grabs and let the weight of the handle pull them open. This sort of assumes that the pliers are loose enough, or well-lubricated enough to fall open, tho....
  20. lothien

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    Looking at the description again, it does state "Not recommended for 20g and thinner as the pliers may not close precisely.", so I would guess that they would not be ideal for a lot of jewelry.
  21. lothien

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    Nice to hear. I just ordered one of these myself, and I look forward to using them. In my experience with tools, it's usually worth paying the "extra" money. =) I held off and bought the cheaper ones first to make sure this was something I liked doing. Now I want the nicer tools.