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    The dragon scale tie.

    Great, I think for my micromaille I will go with black, too. What kind of pliers did you use for the micromaille? Will the cheap thin-nose pliers from TRL work well for this, or is it worth it getting the more expensive ones? I've never worked with chainmail before.
  2. pinfin

    The dragon scale tie.

    Daemora, how is your red micromaille tie coming along? I am extremely interested in seeing how the micro looks with a colored inside layer. Also, with regular neckties, the part that goes under your collar (what's the word for this) is just a flat piece of cloth. On the dragon scale tie, isn't this part kind of thick? I'm just wondering if it would cause the collar to bulge out, especially at the back of the neck. Thanks for the pictures you've already provided, they're very helpful