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    My first scale project

    Ya go for it lol. The worst part was getting it to line up right on my shoulder and attaching it so it can break away if SHTF.
  2. Veilfras

    My first scale project

    Ok finally got pictures taken to upload of my new sleeves, armpits and collar. sorry it took so long my jeep broke so I was multitasking lol http://imgur.com/G79i0Tg http://imgur.com/WiJHB8y http://imgur.com/8SsK3jO
  3. Veilfras

    My first scale project

    Ok I'll tear those sleeves apart and do a chainmail underarm, I like that idea thanks for the input.
  4. Veilfras

    My first scale project

    Hey guys just finished my first project. Its all doubled up large tempered steel scales with a very dense weave for the spine. I never followed a pattern and havent officially weighed it yet but my guess is around 60-70lb. Please let me know what you think.