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  1. AlchemistsFire

    Anodized Aluminum

    Thanks for the update 😃 I just saw there were 3 bags in stock, they sold out while I was shopping =(
  2. AlchemistsFire

    Anodized Aluminum

    May I request an ETA for the following? SXAA16516bronze And on Dark Slime Green, Spooky Teal, Sea Green, Poison - for any size? (or are these only run at Halloween?)
  3. AlchemistsFire

    Rubber Rings

    January now?! What's going on? We were told 2-3 months back in July... I've got a commission that requires EPDM-16516-WHITE, client's been waiting since end of June/early July...
  4. AlchemistsFire

    Rubber Rings

    Looking for an update on the 16516 white, please =)
  5. AlchemistsFire

    Aluminum - Bright

    Hi, would it be possible to get an update on SXAB1814?
  6. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I'd be interested in 18swg 9/32" black for sure, but not $100 of it >_< Would also still be interested in 18swg 9 /64" in black, red & purple, but can't afford the $200 mins per colour
  7. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    So it sounds like I may have a group of anywhere from 6-9 people interested in saw cut AA 18swg 9/64" in red and purple (and potentially green). I've got all the math worked out for cost per person, but I'm curious how shipping would work. Would I have each person PayPal you (TRL) individually, and you'd divide up the rings and ship out? Or would that be entirely my responsibility?
  8. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Ah, okay, gotcha. And you answered the question I was about to ask too, it is $200 per size&colour combination. Which means I'd be looking at $200 for 18932 SX AA black, $200 for 18964 SX AA black, etc. I found somewhere to post asking if anyone else is interested, so we'll see what happens. Would custom colours like the old turquoise and the machine cut violet fall in the same price range?
  9. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Oh wow, I derped on my math xD And wow, I don't need 2k, let alone 20k. I guess I was a little surprised by the $200 because I thought I'd remembered somebody saying something about minimum $30 batches or something like that, but I could be completely wrong. 6-8 weeks, so end of late March/early April? And you said it's less cost-effective, but how much would a smaller batch be? Out of curiosity, what would be required for you guys to consider adding 18swg 9/32" and/or 18swg 9/64" as standard sizes in AA?
  10. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I like being cost-effective too, but I certainly don't need 2,000 rings in one size. I don't suppose there's a way I can split that $200 batch between sizes or colours? Or would it be more worth my while to see if there's someone who wants to split the order with me?
  11. AlchemistsFire

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    How much would I have to order to get saw cut black AA in 18swg 9/32"? And for that matter: saw cut AA 18swg 9/64" in black, red, and purple?
  12. AlchemistsFire

    Help pick the colors for tiny scales

    Purple please!
  13. AlchemistsFire

    Rubber Rings

    Well, I'll tell you guys now, I'd order GITD 16g 5/16" and GITD 16g 1/4" in a heartbeat. GITD 18g 3/16" or 18g 1/4" would be pretty awesome too. I like the sounds of teal rubber rings, but in solid colours I only really use black, and make up the colours with AA rings. Buuuut brown might be cool, stretchy steampunk maille!
  14. AlchemistsFire

    Rubber Rings

    I keep glancing at the main site to see if any other sizes of glow in the dark have been added - are you guys still working on those? Cause I don't do anything in 14g... I'd love to see the glow in 16g 5/16", 16g 1/4", 18g 3/16"... Also, is there any chance of you guys ever doing 20awg equivalent rubber? I could really use some 20g 1/8" black EPDM
  15. AlchemistsFire

    Availability of rings for Dragonscale

    I've used 18swg 9/32" and 18swg 3/16", but they don't offer 18swg 9/32" in AA unless you custom order. I think you can get that size in copper/brass/bronze though? I think I've also heard 18swg 1/4" and 20awg 5/32" work?