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  1. LoveIsImmortal


    So what did you use to connect it at the bottom? I'ts pretty sweet!
  2. thank you! i made it for a friend, her favorite color is purple, she was sooooo happy it was purple.
  3. LoveIsImmortal

    Byzantine Ring

    i was saving my discolored Anodized Aluminum, and my sister thought they looked cool, so i decided to make them useful and made her a ring with all of them. haha.
  4. LoveIsImmortal

    Japanese 2 in 12 Bracelet

    I have made a killing making bracelets with the Japanese 2 in 12, it takes and hour to make, costs next to nothing to make, and 14 year old girls LOVE IT. lol.
  5. Dangle Bracelet with a simple 2 in 2 made with bright aluminum and various purple beads.

    © &copy

  6. LoveIsImmortal


    hey, my sister wants something similar to this. its amazing. i know how to make it, but could you tell me the ID and gauges of the jump rings please? i'd really really appreciate it.
  7. LoveIsImmortal


    OMG! i have two rats, Stella & Toulouse... i think there may be Chainmaille Harnesses in their future!
  8. LoveIsImmortal


    WOW... that is so intricate!
  9. LoveIsImmortal


    omg, thats an amazing way to recycle! LIKE LIKE LIKE!
  10. LoveIsImmortal

    Purse - side.jpg

    Nice detail with the beads!
  11. thinks she is amoung very talented artists.