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  1. Visual Anarchy

    Styleized Thor's Hammer

    Ooooo, I love this one, too!!!!
  2. Visual Anarchy

    Stone Thor's Hammer

    Love it!
  3. Visual Anarchy

    Chain Lace

    Oh...here's the stats: 2/32 20g aluminum, 1/8 20g aluminum & steel, 3/16 18g aluminum, 3/8 14g aluminum & glass beads
  4. Visual Anarchy

    Chain Lace

    Thank you :-)
  5. Visual Anarchy

    Chain Lace

    My newest! I made it for a United Way auction. Original design.

    © Erin Karlstad

  6. Visual Anarchy

    Chainmail & beaded Watch. Original design.

    Thank you :-D
  7. Visual Anarchy

    Beaded Bling Maille

    1/8 20g aluminum, czech glass & swarovski rondelles.

    © Erin Karlstad

  8. Visual Anarchy

    Dragon brac 1a 070211

    Love it, love it!!!!!!
  9. Visual Anarchy

    Dragon duo

    These are great!!! Love it! Nice work :-)
  10. Visual Anarchy

    Chainmail & beaded Watch. Original design.

    The chainmailed portions I used 1/8 20g aluminum & stainless. The beads are 'strung' using 20g aluminum wire.
  11. Visual Anarchy


    They are aluminum, so the are VERY light weight.
  12. Visual Anarchy

    nothing fancy, just made this for myself to wear to a wedding

    Love it, love it , love it! I'm inspired :-)
  13. Visual Anarchy

    Euro 4 in 1

    Nicely done! Good picture, too :-)
  14. Visual Anarchy

    Extension Chain

    Thank you :-)
  15. Visual Anarchy


    This is great, I'm very impressed! My son is a chess player, this gives me ideas :-)