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    Metal suggestions for Children's Shirts

    Did a similar project a while back. I used 14 Ga. 5/16.
  2. Kado


    Your first wrap? You've earned bragging rights, it seems.
  3. Kado

    Strength of small titanium

    Okay, then. Other way around. Thanks.
  4. Kado

    Strength of small titanium

    Thanks for the warning, but I already knew. I actually prefer hammering for all of my armor products, and almost can't stand using regular butted rings anymore. They come undone too often, and too often means EVER. The C-shape is relatively easy to correct.
  5. Kado

    Strength of small titanium

    Right, so no annealing, and stay away from CP grades. Thanks.
  6. Kado

    Strength of small titanium

    Really? For 22 gauge? It's almost unfathomable to me that something that small can be so hard to pull apart. I think I can manage to flatten them with a larger hammer. Being a blacksmith, I think my hammer strike is precise enough.
  7. Hey guys. I want to get really small with a project. I also want to use titanium as my medium. However, I'm not very famiiar with the properties of the metal. I know it's strong, light, and non rustable, but that's the extent. I know that some forms of titanium is shatter-prone, such as titanium drill bits. I suspect that this depends on the temper of the metal, but I'm not sure. For my project, I want to hammer the tiny rings flat for a bit of a better hold. (Personal technique of mine.) I just want to make sure that the rings won't shatter on me when I hit them. Oh also, is titanium annealable? If so, is there a trick to it? In advance, thanks for your help. P.S.: I'm thinking in terms of 22 ga.
  8. Kado

    Best Hauberk Design? (20ga 1/8" rings)

    Has anyone out there attempted anything like this? If so, I would love your input and what you learned...other than not to try it again Okay, man. I'm pulling for ya, 'cause we are making very similar shirts right now. Mine is 19 ga. stainless, 1/8 rings. I'm basically making a replica of Frodo's mithril from Lord of the Rings. It's going well, and I'm making it in a variation of the barrel method, which I call the poncho method. Basically, make a long sheet with a hole in the middle for your head, and then flare out the shoulders. It looks kind of like a t-shirt when folded. From there, just fill in the sides, connect the sleeves and armpits and viola! I am somewhat concerned about the strength of the weave. 20 ga. galvy probably will pull itself apart on weight alone. That happened to me once with some 18 ga. 1/4 rings. Stainless would be okay, though. Aluminum would work too, I think, but I've never worked with it in 20 ga. However, there is another method. If you have a good hammer hand and a sturdy flat surface, you can slightly flatten the rings. It adds resistance to the rings opening. Good luck, my friend!
  9. Kado

    AA rings

    I'm assuming that the blue was anodised, considering that its aluminum. I personally believe that it was a bad batch. If you get replacement wire, offer to replace the piece for free. Got to keep good customer relations, right?
  10. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    Yeah. I should also work on getting a camera with more than 3 megapixels, though.
  11. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    To get into the spirit of things, there's only one clear choice. I'll be watching the LOTR series while I work, of course! Also, I decided on the stainless 19ga. Pretty sure the mandrel is 1/8, but its been a while since I checked. I actually started last night, and I made a 3/3 inch patch. I think I should probably just focus on making the rings first while I wait for the rest of the materials to arrive from TRL. Pics once I make some real progress.
  12. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    I don't know about using it in this project, but you just helped me out big-time with another! Thanks!
  13. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    As an update on this whole project, I began work yesterday. Holy Hell. This'll take awhile. Good news is that the guy who usually does my powdercoating says that he CAN powdercoat the mail to a silver finish, giving the piece a much more movie-accurate look.
  14. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    I'll post pics both when it's done and while I'm working. Should be fun!
  15. Kado

    Making LOTR Mithril

    I might keep that in mind as an alternative. Thanks!