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  1. magnacasa

    Any other outdoorsmen (or women!)?

    I do a fair bit of backpacking, as well as a little hunting and fishing. I am also a member of the county search and rescue team.
  2. magnacasa

    Craft Fair Advice?

    You might try a few keychains, they are quick to make and don't take much storage space. I sometimes make them out of the little test pieces, like the chains that turn out to be too stiff to use for anything else. I also take a fair quantity of materials, in case I need to make a quick alteration to a piece.
  3. magnacasa

    Favorite app's for an Ipod

    Angry Birds, there is even a free version. Most of the other ones I use are expensive and pretty specific to my job.
  4. magnacasa

    Generic Bracelet Length

    It is usually faster to shorten than to lengthen, so I typically make my bracelets a bit on the longer side.
  5. magnacasa

    Padding for Pliers for extended work (A thread spinoff)

    Well, it is cheaper than shoes...
  6. magnacasa

    Magnetic Clasps

    You might try putting a short length of curb chain in at the closure as a safety. If you make it just long enough to get over the person's hand to put it on, then it would not fall off as easily if the clasp lets go.
  7. magnacasa

    Male style bracelets...

    I like the look of byz with a mix of square and round stainless, mine is 16ga 3/16" and looks plenty manly. Generally anything in stainless or titanium in a larger guage looks more manly--you could even do a "his-and-hers" set using the same material and weave, with one in a larger guage.
  8. magnacasa

    Weirdest place you've found a ring?

    I found one in a grocery store restroom, back when I was a janitor. The thing is, it was definitely not a size I have ever used.
  9. magnacasa

    updates on fitness?

    I am hoping to drop some weight this summer, once I start back at work. The student lifestyle does not lend itself to fitness. Mostly I was too worn out after class to do much in the way of exercise, even with a live-in kettlebell coach. And I didn't usually want to spend much time preparing dinner. Now living with my folks for the summer, the food will be a bit healthier than my usual mac and cheese. I may also get involved with a local weight loss challenge--my dad has done well for the last year or two, but I might be able to beat him.
  10. magnacasa

    Opinions regarding photography politely requested

    I like the offset shots, but you might want to leave a bit more space in the direction the bust is facing. When the subject of a photo is facing one side, the subject should be a bit off center. In the examples you posted, they both seem a bit cramped due to the cropping.
  11. The campus cops frown on shooting guns, but dropping from a second story window with a big club...
  12. magnacasa

    6:1 Chainmail

    I am actually in the middle of making a hauberk of 14ga 3/8" e6-1. It is moderately flexible, but I plan to go down a size and use e4-1 at strategic points for flexibility. It is stiff enough to spread out the force of a blow, although padding is still needed underneath. With regard to weight, I have carried an 80lb backpack for 12 miles in about 4 hours--and maille distibutes the weight better. Go for it.
  13. magnacasa

    Link Containers?

    I use the usual Plano boxes and empty jars, the best large size jars are the GFS-type snack food/nut jars. I also a few gizmos from the local ACE hardware that have individual containers that lock into a frame with a handle. The main case folds out flat, with the tops of all the containers exposed. The only problem is that the lids of the small containers are on the outside when it is closed--and the latches are not very good. I usually use a bit of tape to keep them closed.
  14. magnacasa

    Question about spiral chain

    If it is long enough to work without a clasp, then you can just join the ends to lock in the spiral.
  15. magnacasa

    Display for Rings? (Jewelry not jumprings :P)

    If you decide to go the dowel route, try covering them with velvet, that gives the display a more finished look. You could also make a stand to hold several dowels, some with rings, others with bracelets, and others with necklaces. For necklaces you may want to have them attached to something behind and drape them over the dowel so they don't hang as low.