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  1. Uuvini

    Minecraft anyone?

    Yah that is one problem with this game, because it's written in Java, and on such a large scale, it's a serious resource hog. It's an amazing concept, just not very well implemented for such a large scale release. Although considering it's from a start-up it IS a great accomplishment. As for playing with a touchpad... I've done it. Was out of town and didn't want to travel with my nice gaming mouse. I lasted all of 20min before I gave up, ran out and bought a cheapo $10 usb mouse.
  2. Uuvini

    Minecraft anyone?

    I play. Currently working on an underground tunnel system which is eventually going to be many 10's of thousands of blocks long once all the tunnels are connected. Then I'll start work on my houses, mines, ect.
  3. Uuvini

    Drilling Agates ...

    No personal experience with agates, but I would think an abrasive bit at low rpm in water would probably be your best bet.
  4. Uuvini

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    Started adding people, Uuvini at gmail dot com if I haven't added you already =)
  5. Uuvini

    Scal Question

    Here is the post Paladin was talking about, and she links to her blog in the first post. Very beautiful and form fitting scale top.
  6. Uuvini

    Wire Wrapepd Gem Pendants. How and Where

    You should probably ask to get this moved to the Discussion section of the general forums, instead of TRL's Customer Service forum. You would probably get more responses there. As far as wire wrapping goes, no idea, sorry!
  7. Uuvini

    Inventory management

    I understand your points, and agree with most of them. When I say more accurate, I mean that very rarely (at least in my experience) does a weave come out to be exactly "1 inch". Usually it's a little over or a little under. So if you take a count from the rings per inch measurement to count out what you will use, meaning to make a 18inch necklace for instance, you will in fact be above or below your target measurement. Another example, I personally don't count rings when I maille, because usually I'm doing it in short stints between doing something else, so I usually don't finish what I'm working on in one sitting. So if I am making something that I'm going to do a lot of to sell, like a necklace. It would be easier to simply make the first one to my satisfaction, then weigh it, then parcel out my rings per item by weight. No it is not a perfect solution, and it doesn't work in all instances or for all things. I just think when it comes to keeping track of smaller items to sell, or if you are making your own rings, doing it by weight would seem to be easier. At least for me.
  8. Uuvini

    Inventory management

    I guess I can understand that somewhat, however if you're going the spreadsheet route it would be easy enough to incorporate a metal designation field which would account for that. And doing so would not only be more accurate, but would also allow an easier transition to the more expensive materials where you WOULD want to change the price based on material. Also, when talking about clothing, where you would want to have a rings per square foot type count, making a square foot of material, then weighing it to get the count would take a lot less time than going through and counting the rings.
  9. Uuvini

    Inventory management

    Something has been bothering me as far as ring counts per piece goes. Why do people use "rings per inch" in calculating ring counts when you could simply calculate it by weight? It would be much more precise. I understand using it as a rough gauge for estimating the number of rings you will need to make/buy to make a trial piece. However once you get to the point of making products to sell I would think you would want to be as precise as possible, and in pieces where 1 ring size is used, or where multiple rings are used, with a known ratio, measuring weight would be a much easier and precise way of figuring ring counts per piece.
  10. Uuvini

    Georgia Ren Fest 2011

    Forgot it was that time of year already! lol. I might show up.
  11. Uuvini

    App for iPhone or iPod Touch

    No no not at all. I think it's great someone went and made an app for us maillers. I do wish WebOS phones would get a little more love from the app makers though...
  12. Uuvini

    App for iPhone or iPod Touch

    WebOS FTW!
  13. Uuvini

    Horde Inlay Bag Complete

    Looks awesome! I can see where Movak is coming from, especially the center 4, kinda look all mashed together. Maybe try taking the middle 2 out and replacing with just 1 at the center, to add a little extra space. But like I said, looks awesome! Keep up the great work!
  14. Uuvini

    Your first piece...

    Post- Really it depends on the woman you're working with. For me, the woman I'm making it for is very well endowed, so it's very important for it to be right. Problem is we can't meet up for fittings except very rarely. So for her what I'm doing is going on very detailed measurements as well as a bra which we stuffed(rice poured into pantyhose works great) to be as close to her size as we could get it for reference. Other than that I'm also making it larger than I think I will need it. It's easier to make it smaller quickly than it is to make it larger lol. Also for cupping I'm using a combination of expansions/contractions, with "boning" at the bottom made of a tighter weave(E6-1) as well as smaller rings.
  15. Uuvini

    Your first piece...

    Just keep in mind that a cloth bra is designed to stretch, and that your chainmaille won't(unless you're incorporating rubber). I almost got myself into some trouble by forgetting that at first lol, started doing an almost straight copy of the bra! Realized before it was too late though, and it's coming along nicely.