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  1. I am so glad I can make quick, small, on-demand orders now. They show up quick! Shipping is so much better with the new location!

  2. PlutoniumX

    Sweet Pea bracelet

    The comic nerd in me loves the HulkSmash color combo
  3. Loving the fast USPS shipping! Cheaper and Faster! Not loving, accidentally dumping a bag of light champagne 18532 rings in with a container of bright silver ones.

    1. calyx


      As an Australian, USPS available is FANTASTIC! :-)

      Good luck with your rings - I've got a toddler ring "accident" to sort out myself...

  4. PlutoniumX

    armored Rainbow Dash

    My little girl loves this.
  5. PlutoniumX

    Byzantine and ring size question

    I use 1614 with 3 connector rings.
  6. PlutoniumX

    We're Moving!

    Oh! Another reason to visit Canada!
  7. PlutoniumX

    Hand Anodized Niobium Byzantine Bracelet

    I really love the gradient flow.
  8. PlutoniumX

    Vyking's Triskelion 25

    Dude, I love that!
  9. PlutoniumX

    Hand Anodized Titanium Itty Bitty Dragon

    That's really great!
  10. PlutoniumX

    precious metals clay

    I haven't but it did look interesting! Looking forward to seeing if anyone here has given it a shot!
  11. PlutoniumX

    Captain America outfit is done

    That's pretty bad assed! Good job!
  12. PlutoniumX

    unnamed (3)

    That's great!
  13. PlutoniumX


    I REALLY LIKE that!
  14. PlutoniumX

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    When we first watched it, I was like leather backed chainmaille would be in demand in that universe.